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Three-Legged Bobcat Goes Back to Wild

(Newser) - Darlean, a three-legged bobcat, was released into the wild southeast of Dallas yesterday along with several raccoons and families of possums, the Morning News reports. Darlean lost her back right paw in a claw trap, and subsequently learned to balance on three legs before she was captured by animal-control officers... More »

Masked Bandits Infiltrate 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

(Newser) - As President Obama settled in to his new home, a band of varmints rode in on his coattails, the Washington Post reports. One large raccoon and several smaller ones are roaming the grounds, according to the National Park Service, which is tasked with relocating the varmints. “The idea of... More »

Stick This on Your Plate and Eat It

(Newser) - You probably won’t find it in the supermarket, but out in a parking lot in Missouri, you could easily cross paths with a raccoon, the Kansas City Star reports. Not one ravaging the Dumpster, but one dressed and packed for dinner. A best guess has Missourians yearly consuming about... More »

3 Stories