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Satellite Images Show 'Rapid' Work at N. Korea Nuke Site

This shows the need for a deal, monitoring group says

(Newser) - North Korea is talking the talk on denuclearization but there's no sign yet of it walking the walk, according to the monitoring group 38 North. The group says satellite images taken June 21—more than a week after President Trump's Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un—show that... More »

Truth of One of Most Daring, Mysterious Airstrikes Revealed

Israel confirms it was behind 2007 Syria strike

(Newser) - The Israeli military confirmed Wednesday it carried out the 2007 airstrike in Syria that destroyed what was believed to be a nuclear reactor, lifting the veil of secrecy over one of its most daring and mysterious operations in recent memory. Although Israel was widely believed to have been behind the... More »

Belgium Getting Residents Ready for Nuclear Accident

Country's 7 nuclear plants are aging, cracking, leaking

(Newser) - Over 4 million boxes of iodine tablets have begun arriving in pharmacies across Belgium as the country prepares for a possible emergency involving one of its seven aging nuclear reactors, AFP reports. According to CNN , iodine tablets, which help with radiation buildup in the thyroid gland, will be provided free... More »

Toshiba Throws In Nuclear Towel: Chapter 11 for Westinghouse

Challenges proved too great—and may be nuclear industry harbinger

(Newser) - More fallout from Toshiba's reported "nuclear" loss last month, this time in the form of a bankruptcy filing. In what the AP says was a "largely expected" move, Toshiba noted in a statement Wednesday that its Westinghouse nuclear unit has submitted a Chapter 11 petition to the... More »

Robot Enters Fukushima Reactor, Doesn't Fare So Well

'Scorpion' robot's crawling function fails before it could locate melted fuel

(Newser) - Robot probes sent to one of Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear reactors have suggested worse-than-anticipated challenges for the plant's ongoing cleanup. The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said the remote-controlled "scorpion" robot was sent into Unit 2's containment vessel Thursday to investigate the area around... More »

To Understand Toshiba's $6B Nuclear Loss, Go South

Bloomberg looks at what's behind company's financial woes

(Newser) - The chairman of Japanese electronics and energy giant Toshiba resigned Tuesday after the company logged such massive losses—a projected $6.3 billion—in its nuclear business that it must sell its lucrative computer-chip business to avoid going belly-up. Well, maybe $6.3 billion. Reuters reports that a day of... More »

Fukushima Woman First to Speak Out About Her Cancer

'Don't rock the boat' culture has left cancer patients scared to talk after nuclear meltdown

(Newser) - She's 21, has thyroid cancer, and wants people in her prefecture in northeastern Japan to get screened for it. That statement might not seem provocative, but her prefecture is Fukushima, and of the 173 young people with confirmed or suspected cases since the 2011 nuclear meltdowns there, she's... More »

Energy Source Could Power Earth 'for 30M Years'

But ITER, a thermonuclear plant, faces all sorts of challenges

(Newser) - Hoping scientists will find a brilliant alternative to oil and coal? How about a thermonuclear reactor that will hit temperatures ten times hotter than the sun and "could solve the world's energy problems for the next thirty million years," writes Raffi Khatchadourian in the New Yorker . The... More »

IAEA: There's Activity at N. Korea Reactor Site

But agency can't confirm if reactor has been restarted

(Newser) - North Korea vowed to restart its Yongbyon reactor in April, and the International Atomic Energy Agency today indicates that the country continues to head down that path. Relying largely on satellite imagery, the IAEA's chief noted that "activities have been observed at the site that are consistent with... More »

Japan Will Go Nuclear Power-Free (Again) Tomorrow

Last reactor will be turned off

(Newser) - Japan will soon be completely without nuclear power. Again. The country is switching off the last of its 50 nuclear reactors—reactor 4 at Oi in western Japan—for maintenance tomorrow, and it's unclear if or when it will go online again, reports CNN . The country went completely nuclear... More »

Teen Builds Nuclear Reactor, Booted From Science Fair

... on a technicality

(Newser) - Wyoming's Conrad Farnsworth has done something maybe 60 people around the world have managed to do: achieve nuclear fusion. Which is to say, he built a nuclear reactor in his father's garage, reports the Casper Star-Tribune . Not bad for a high school student, though his feat is actually... More »

Fukushima Workers Battle Radioactive Flood

Experts warn plant is still accident-prone

(Newser) - More than two years after a quake and tsunami crippled Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, workers are battling yet another crisis, the New York Times finds. Huge amounts of groundwater have been pouring into the plant, leaving workers struggling to contain a flood of 75 gallons of radioactive water... More »

North Korea's New Threat: We're Restarting Reactor

Ban Ki-moon fears country is on a 'collision course'

(Newser) - The latest in the almost-daily series of threats from Pyongyang is a vow to restart its Yongbyon nuclear reactor and other facilities to "bolster up the nuclear armed force" and provide electricity, according to a rep for the country's Department of Atomic Energy. The Yongbyon reactor was shut... More »

Japan Restarts Nuke Reactor

Protests break out as public safety concerns persist

(Newser) - Japan re-entered the nuclear business today for the first time since the Fukushima Dai-ichi meltdown more than a year ago, reports Reuters . Kansai Electric Power Co fired up the No. 3 reactor at its Ohi plant, and will add its No. 4 reactor later this month. The move comes as... More »

Kodak Couldn't Really Have Made Nuclear Warhead

Physics Central explains that nuclear reactor thing

(Newser) - Much was made of the revelation this week that Kodak once had a nuclear reactor in its basement, with even your humble Newser wondering what sort of nuclear Kodak moments the photo giant might have planned. But in truth, Kodak couldn’t have developed even one nuclear warhead, Physics Central... More »

In Kodak's Basement: Nuclear Reactor

Imaging giant had enriched uranium in Rochester

(Newser) - Would nuclear war have made a good Kodak moment? Until 2006, the company could have found out: It had 3.5 pounds of weapons-grade uranium stashed in a nuclear reactor in the basement of its headquarters—right in the busy city of Rochester, New York. It remains unclear why the... More »

Japan Shutting Down Last Nuclear Reactor

Country faces energy crunch

(Newser) - Japan is shutting down its last nuclear reactor Saturday, meaning a long, hot summer as the Japanese are forced to conserve a power supply that could fall 16% below demand. Oil- and gas-based power has been ramped up to ease the energy shortage—nuclear power provided one-third of the country’... More »

US OKs First Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years

Georgia plant gets approval to build two

(Newser) - It's a milestone for the nuclear energy industry: The feds today gave their blessing to a Georgia utility company to build two new reactors, the first such approval in 30 years, reports CNN . Southern Co. and its partners will build the reactors in Waynesboro, Ga., about 170 miles east... More »

Japan to Shut Nuke Plants at 40 Years

Public concerns force stiffening of safety regulations

(Newser) - Nuclear reactors in Japan will be retired after 40 years of use, as part of the government's efforts to step up nuclear safety in the aftermath of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant disaster last March, reports the AP . There are 54 reactors in Japan, 18 of which will be 40... More »

Giant Tent Goes Up Over Japan Reactor

TEPCO hopes tent will contain radiation

(Newser) - TEPCO is constructing an airtight polyester tent measuring 177 feet tall and 154 feet in length to cover one of the worst-hit reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, hoping the tent will stop leaked radioactive materials from spreading and prevent possible future leaks, reports the AP . Unsafe radiation... More »

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