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Volvo's Electric Announcement Is an Industry First

Would be first carmaker to phase out cars powered by combustion engines

(Newser) - The heart of the auto industry keeps expanding outward from Detroit, the BBC notes: first west to Silicon Valley, thanks to Tesla, and now east to China, thanks to a major move from Volvo. The Swedish carmaker, owned by the Chinese firm Geely, is poised to become the world's... More »

New Boeing 787 Problem: Engine Icing

Planes should avoid potentially icy thunderstorms, says company

(Newser) - Boeing is alerting airlines about possible engine icing problems on some of its new planes—including the troubled 787 Dreamliner and the 747-8 model. The company is recommending that planes with a specific General Electric engine avoid flying near thunderstorms that might contain ice crystals. Boeing says it issued the... More »

Investigators Pinpoint Airbus Engine Fault

Qantas starts legal action against Rolls-Royce

(Newser) - Following a Qantas engine explosion last month, investigators have isolated a major fault in some Airbus A380 engines, the BBC reports. Rolls-Royce’s Trent 900—the kind used on the Qantas flight—had a misaligned part that weakened an oil pipe wall, resulting in “fatigue cracking,” which led... More »

Liquid Glass Stars as Engine-Killer for Clunkers

(Newser) - The federal cash-for-clunkers program is sending demand through the roof for a chemical normally used to repel bugs or seal concrete, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sodium silicate, known as liquid glass, has been designated the agent of execution for old models traded in under the program. Auto dealers are... More »

United Technologies Will Slash 11,600 Jobs

Tough commercial aerospace market drives cuts

(Newser) - United Technologies Corp, which owns Sikorsky Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney, maker of jet engines, will cut 11,600 jobs and has lowered its 2009 forecast in a crumbling commercial aerospace market. The moves, part of an expanded $750 million restructuring program, are fueled by a decline in anticipated revenue,... More »

Second Engine Recovered From Hudson River

Couric lands first interview with Flight 1549's hero captain

(Newser) - The left engine of Flight 1549 was pulled from the Hudson River this afternoon, days after it was located with sonar, NY1 reports. Divers had held off on the recovery because of cold weather; warmer temperatures today allowed them to reach the engine and hoist it out of the water... More »

Second Engine Found in Hudson

FAA advisory warned that plane could stall

(Newser) - The missing left engine from US Airways Flight 1549 was found intact today, the New York Post reports. Sonar scans detected an object of matching dimensions at the bottom of the Hudson yesterday, but choppy currents prevented investigators from confirming their find until today. The engine is being subjected to... More »

Black Box Reveals Both Engines Failed

Investigators postpone search for missing engine

(Newser) - Both engines on the airplane that crashed into the Hudson River last week lost power simultaneously at 3,200 feet, a clue from black box recorders for investigators still searching for the missing left engine, AP reports. Tugboats have begun hauling wreckage to New Jersey where it will be examined... More »

Search Still on for Engine; but It's 'Not Going Anywhere'

Plane heads to Jersey, black boxes to DC

(Newser) - The missing left engine from the US Airways jetliner that landed in the Hudson River still hasn’t been located, the New York Times reports. Still, there’s no hurry, a transportation authority says, because “it’s not going anywhere.” Police and army boats using sonar haven’t... More »

Second Engine Still Intact in Hudson Crash

(Newser) - The US Airways jet that survived a crash-landing in the Hudson River lay in a thickening flow of ice today as the bitter cold complicated efforts to retrieve a jet that now appears to be more intact than previously thought, the AP reports. Federal investigators said the aircraft's right engine,... More »

Both Engines Missing From US Airways Plane

Search continues in Hudson; investigators plan to fish jet out tomorrow

(Newser) - The US Airways plane that ditched in the Hudson River yesterday is missing both engines, crucial clues in the investigation, the New York Times reports. Police divers aided by sonar are searching for them even as officials prepare to hoist the plane out of the water tomorrow. Investigators needs them... More »

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