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US Dept. of Education Is Having a Terrible Day on Twitter

Tweets a typo, apologizes with a typo

(Newser) - The United States Department of Education is getting graded rather harshly after a Sunday morning tweet—"Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life."—that it attributed to one WEB "DeBois." Slight problem being that the NAACP co-founder it was trying to... More »

Top 25 Black Leaders: Obama Second Only to MLK

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he gets top honors

(Newser) - On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s fitting to announce that the civil rights leader himself was voted the most influential black American leader. TheGrio asked 25 academics, artists, and activists to rank a list of 170 black leaders, and the website calculated the top 25:
  1. Martin Luther King,
... More »

Witness to a Century, 105-Year-Old Goes to Capitol

'My hope for him is my hope for the country,' she says

(Newser) - Today’s inauguration of Barack Obama marks an important milestone in an African-American struggle that lasted more than 200 years—and Ella Mae Johnson isn’t going to miss it, NPR reports. After all, she’s been around for nearly half of that struggle. The 105-year-old Cleveland resident will brave... More »

3 Stories