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Marine's Jaw-Dropping Photo: 'Coming to Gay Bar Near You'

1st Marine Expeditionary Force has promised 'appropriate action'

(Newser) - Two Marines are under investigation after a photo was posted Wednesday to Facebook showing a uniform-clad corporal with his hand on the trigger of a rifle aimed at the camera and the message, "Coming to a gay bar near you!" The image, believed to be from Snapchat, was... More »

Gay Bars Boycott Russian Vodka

Verdict still out on White Russians

(Newser) - Many have been calling for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics, but gay bars across the US have figured out a more immediate way to show Russia how they feel about the country's anti-gay laws: stop buying its vodka. The move was spearheaded by journalist and sex writer... More »

Lady Di Partied at Gay Bar in Biker Disguise

Freddie Mercury and friends invited her out, book claims

(Newser) - Lady Di, wearing an army jacket and black cap in a gay bar? A British former TV star claims the princess topped off her disguise with dark shades when she joined him, Queen singer Freddie Mercury, and a comedian to a rowdy bar in south London, the Daily Beast reports.... More »

Carl Paladino Made Money Off Son's Gay Club

Gay nephew meanwhile says he's 'very offended' by comments

(Newser) - Carl Paladino may be really concerned about gay men grinding against each other, but it didn’t stop him from cashing the rent checks paid by Cobalt, a Buffalo gay club his son William ran and co-owned from 2004 to 2005, the New York Daily News reports. The club—which... More »

Glenn Beck, Greg Gutfeld Talk Gay Bar Names

How about 'Turban Cowboy'?

(Newser) - Greg Gutfeld is sticking by his proposal to open an Islam-friendly gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque, telling Glenn Beck it "might be the greatest idea I've ever had." But what's a hot club without a catchy name? Gutfeld and Beck review some options: G-Hot, G-Hunk,... More »

Fox Host: I'm Building Gay Bar Next Door to Mosque

Greg Gutfeld: surely understanding and tolerance should cut both ways

(Newser) - Go for it, Greg Gutfeld of the Fox News show Red Eye tells those backing the Ground Zero mosque. You have every right to build a mosque there (or anywhere) if you own the land and follow the law, he writes in his blog, . And I have every... More »

Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List

College towns Burlington, Bloomington among Advocate 's top 5

(Newser) - Using criteria like the number of same-sex-couple households per capita, gay elected officials, gay bars and gay films among Netflix favorites, the Advocate crowns Atlanta as the gayest city in the US. Some reasons why, and the rest of the top five:
  • Though “Georgia isn’t the most gay-friendly
... More »

Gay Bars Lure Straights to Stay in Biz

(Newser) - Gay bars across the country are facing an unexpected dilemma, the Anchorage Daily News reports: Attract straight customers or close down. With Americans growing more tolerant and gay connections moving online, one gay activist says "it's like 'mission accomplished.'" But bars from Pittsburgh to San Francisco are shutting... More »

Can RuPaul Revive Drag?

Queens have fallen out of favor with today's young gays

(Newser) - RuPaul is back, and starring in—what else?—a reality show, hoping to bring back the glory days of drag. And it’s almost certainly going to hit a false note, Thomas Rogers writes in Salon. Drag is, in RuPaul’s words, “a punk rock reaction to our masculine... More »

Despite Warren, Calif. Gays Celebrate Obama

Gathering at West Hollywood gay bar hiss at controversial pastor's invocation

(Newser) - A crowd gathered today at West Hollywood’s premier gay bar to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration, but also to watch with dismay as Rev. Rick Warren took the Capitol stage, the Advocate reports. Many in the community were shocked by Obama’s choice of the anti-gay marriage pastor to... More »

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