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Angie Shouldn't Be UN Ambassador: Rape Victims

Bosnian women call her 'ignorant'

(Newser) - Bosnian rape victims have again attacked Angelina Jolie over her directorial-debut war movie, calling her "ignorant" about their homeland tragedy. They also challenged her right to remain UN goodwill ambassador, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . "Our voices are worthwhile and we deserve much more respect," said a letter... More »

Serbia Finally Sorry for Srebrenica

Stops short of calling massacre 'genocide'

(Newser) - Serbia moved closer to getting into the EU yesterday when its parliament condemned the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys. Despite opposition from Serb nationalists, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the resolution that "strongly condemned" Europe's worst mass killing since World War II... More »

Serb Cousins Convicted of Burning 132 People Alive

Torched houses after locking Muslims inside

(Newser) - Two Serb cousins were convicted yesterday by the UN tribunal in the Hague of burning scores of Bosnian men, women, and children to death during the early 1990s. Milan Lukic was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of "at least 132 Muslim people," whom he locked... More »

Ethnic Violence Erupts at Aussie Open

Serbs, Bosnians throw chairs during Djokovic-Delic match

(Newser) - Violence broke out again at the Australian Open today, as Serbian and Bosnian spectators threw punches, then chairs, at each other in Melbourne Park's garden square. The incident took place as Novak Djokovic, the Serbian defending champion, played his third-round match against Amer Delic, a Bosnian-born American. One woman was... More »

4 Stories