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Parishioners Given $100 Each for Good Deeds

One of them held a pizza party for homeless people

(Newser) - An anonymous donor in Maryland put her fellow congregants to work spreading Christmas cheer—with $100 bills. The donor arranged for her pastor at Severna Park United Methodist Church to distribute a $100 bill to each of 100 different congregants on the first Sunday of December as the holiday season... More »

10 Most, Least Charitable US Cities

From Madison to Laredo

(Newser) - So which city in America most embraces the holiday season of giving? Madison, Wis., gets the honors in a new ranking by WalletHub . The site looked at the 100 biggest cities and examined a number of metrics, including money donated to charity, the number of hours spent volunteering, and the... More »

5 Most, Least Charitable States

Utah is first, Hawaii dead last in WalletHub ranking of most giving states

(Newser) - Americans celebrated #GivingTuesday the day after Cyber Monday (and several days of other discounted holiday shopping ), reminding us to keep in mind those in need. That effort can come in the form of both money and time spent volunteering, both of which WalletHub tracked to see which US states... More »

Stephen King Gives Fire Department a Helping Hand

It's the latest in a long line of donations

(Newser) - Stephen King has made millions unleashing a myriad of horrors on Maine towns in fiction—and spent millions helping them in real life. In the latest donation from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, the husband-and-wife authors donated $30,000 to help the Bangor Fire Department buy new thermal imaging... More »

PayPal Sometimes Gives Your Donation to Wrong Charity: Suit

Lawsuit says if charities aren't registered, another nonprofit gets donations

(Newser) - PayPal's Giving Fund charitable platform, which says it allows people to donate directly to more than a million charities, raised more than $7 billion last year—but a new lawsuit alleges that many charities may never receive the donations intended for them. The suit alleges that in order to... More »

10 Most Charitable US States

Utah is for givers: WalletHub

(Newser) - Virginia is for lovers, but Utah is for givers, according to WalletHub . The site has named Utah the most charitable state in the country based on the number of people who volunteer their time, volunteering hours, percentage of income donated, and other factors. The top 10, with a score out... More »

One Key to Civilization's Rise? Fear of an Angry God

It's why strangers work together, say researchers

(Newser) - The belief in all-seeing and punitive gods may be a huge factor in how modern civilization came to be. So report researchers in the journal Nature after studying nearly 600 individuals from eight communities, including plant cultivators on the South Pacific island of Tanna, wage laborers on Fiji and in... More »

Report: Rich Americans Give Less to Charity

At least in terms of percentage of income

(Newser) - Around the Great Recession years, wealthy Americans are giving less of their income to charity while middle- and low-earners give more—and those who supported Mitt Romney for president give the most of all, the Christian Science Monitor reports. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy , Americans who make over $200,... More »

It's Far Too Easy for 'Charities' to Cheat You

That's why donors must do their homework: Ken Stern

(Newser) - This month, the man behind a $100 million "charity" scam was finally convicted on 23 felony counts. But "the most outrageous aspect of the case is that much of what [John Donald] Cody did was probably legal, or at least not specifically illegal," writes Ken Stern in... More »

You Can Help Buffett's Sister Give Away $100K

Online philanthropy course begins today

(Newser) - A free online course that starts today will offer students the chance to learn about giving from Warren Buffett and help decide how to spend more than $100,000 of his sister's money. More than 4,000 people have already signed up for the Giving With Purpose course, which... More »

5 Things About Charities That Just Aren't True

Low overhead isn't always a sign of greatness

(Newser) - The fiscal cliff isn't the only looming financial deadline. Just a few days remain to give to charity in 2012, and Ken Stern would prefer you not make your decision "hastily, based on poor information." Writing for the Washington Post , the former NPR exec and author of... More »

How the Charitable Deduction Benefits the Rich

'Average Americans paying for billionaires' generosity,' writes Fred Hiatt

(Newser) - A call to limit the charitable deduction may sound heartless—what about all those churches and museums and schools and nonprofits?—but the deduction actually benefits the rich, while "the rest of the country has to make up the gap," writes Fred Hiatt in the Washington Post . A... More »

How Romney Used Mormon Church to Defer Taxes

Bloomberg reports on loophole he used

(Newser) - Since 1996, Mitt Romney has been deferring some of his taxes through something called a charitable remainder unitrust, a tax shelter Congress cracked down on little more than a year after Romney set his up. As Bloomberg describes it, the trust “allowed rich people to take advantage of the... More »

Sheen Giving $1M to Military Charity

USO getting cut of Anger Management profits

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is back in the headlines but there are no drugs, goddesses, or crazy escapades involved. The actor has pledged at least $1 million to military charity United Services Organization's program for assisting wounded and sick soldiers and their families, reports Reuters . Sheen is turning over 1% of... More »

Virtual Swear Jar Turns Your Potty Mouth Into Charity

'Charity Swear Box' urges you to donate $1 per bad word

(Newser) - If your New Year’s resolution is to stop swearing so much, why not do some good at the same time? Giving a modern twist to the idea of putting money into a glass jar every time you curse, " Charity Swear Box" monitors your Twitter feed for naughty words.... More »

US First in Charity Index

World generosity rising overall, despite recession

(Newser) - Pat yourself on the back America; you’re the most giving nation in the world, at least according to the Charities Aid Foundation. The US jumped from fifth place to first in the second annual World Giving Index (pdf here ), with an all-time-high 60% rating. The score is based... More »

Please Donate Money, Not Food

Food drives are surprisingly wasteful: John Arnold and Katherina Rosqueta

(Newser) - Holiday food drives stem from the right charitable impulse, but unfortunately, they’re extremely inefficient. The sad fact is that up to half the donated food in a traditional drive doesn’t get used because the items are things recipients “can't use or don't know how to... More »

Carnegie Mellon Wins $265M Gift

Steel magnate William Dietrich's donation largest in years

(Newser) - Carnegie Mellon University just scored a big boost, as former steel magnate William Dietrich pledged $265 million to the Pittsburgh-based school, reports AP . With charitable giving down due to the economic downturn, Dietrich's gift is considered one of the largest to a private university in recent years. "It... More »

Americans Gave More to Charity Last Year

But the $290B we ponied up in 2010 is still below 2007 levels

(Newser) - Charitable giving increased last year as the economy improved, rising 3.8% to $290.89 billion, up from $280.3 billion in 2009. "There was a lot more optimism, all relative, in 2010," says an analyst. "People are still generous despite uncertainty, despite not having jobs, and... More »

On Your iPhone, an App for Everything—Except Donating

Apple makes it hard for users to give to charity

(Newser) - Need directions to the store, a recipe for dinner, the latest tweets from all your friends, or a silly game to while away the hours? There’s an app for (all of) that. But one thing you can’t do on your iPhone is make charitable donations—at least, not... More »

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