Moonlite Bunny Ranch

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20-Year-Old Is Selling Her Virginity for $400K, 'Love'

'Love' of her family; Katherine Stone wants to rebuild burned-out family home with proceeds

(Newser) - The reasons for losing one's virginity are as old and as myriad as humanity itself, but they usually have to do with being addled by some combination of love, lust, alcohol, or the vague desire to spread your DNA around the planet. Gentle reader, meet 20-year-old Katherine Stone of... More »

Reality-Show Brothel Offers Drew Peterson a Pimpin' Job

Top choice Blagojevich had turned gig down

(Newser) - The Moonlite Bunny Ranch—the legal Nevada brothel featured in HBO’s Cathouse—seems desperate to play host to a Chicagoan with reputation problems, WBBM-AM reports. After Rod Blagojevich turned down a job offer as an apprentice pimp, owner Dennis Hof has now made entreaties to murder suspect Drew Peterson—... More »

Blago Mulls 'Apprenticeship' at Nev. Reality-Show Brothel

(Newser) - A Nevada brothel featured on an HBO reality show is offering Rod Blagojevich the chance to recoup some of the cash he missed out on by being barred from leaving the country to film for NBC, Gawker reports. The former Illinois governor’s PR flak is taking “very seriously”... More »

Brothels to Nevada: Tax Us, Please

Brothel owners see taxes as insurance to keep them legal

(Newser) - Nevada's brothel owners are offering to fork over tax money to the state to help cover its debts—but legislators are reluctant to increase the state's involvement in the $50-million-a-year sex business, reports the New York Times. Nevada's 25 legal brothels pay hefty taxes to their home counties, but are... More »

4 Stories