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Who Are the 'Griffey Three' Who Voted Against Jr.?

Of 440 voters, a record 437 said yes

(Newser) - Ken Griffey Jr. resoundingly got into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, and controversy surrounds the pick. Not over Griffey's qualifications—630 home runs, 10 straight Gold Gloves, not a whiff of steroid scandal, and, yes, even a candy bar made his selection a no-brainer. Instead, it's... More »

Transgender Sportswriter's Suicide Leaves Questions

Why did Christine Daniels turn back into Mike Penner?

(Newser) - Mike Penner’s apparent suicide comes loaded with questions about the LA Times sportswriter’s experience living as a woman named Christine Daniels. Penner’s public revelation that he was transsexual and would transition to the Daniels identity was much celebrated—she even wrote a blog about the experience called... More »

Web Didn't Kill Sportswriting; Lame, Humorless Writers Did

Writers today just don't know how to have fun

(Newser) - When the working day is done, sportswriters just wanna have fun—or at least they did 50 years ago, when hot-type dinosaurs like Gary Cartwright and his gonzo cohorts roamed Dallas in capes and leotards pretending to be Italian acrobats. But today’s mirthless philistines are doing more to butcher... More »

Newspaper Cuts Are Emptying Out Press Boxes

Papers cutting back baseball coverage

(Newser) - The independent baseball beat writer could be a dying profession as newspapers look to trim costs, the Wall Street Journal reports. In baseball-crazy cities like New York and Boston, not much is likely to change. "It would be suicide, quite honestly," says a Red Sox writer for the... More »

Updike: An Author 'Hoping to Talk to America'

Superlatives hardly lacking in wake of writer's death at 76

(Newser) - John Updike, who died today at 76, was many things: Bob Ryan, in the Boston Globe, calls him the author of the “most spellbinding essay ever written about baseball.” For Carolyn Kellogg, in the Los Angeles Times, the first line of his story A&P displays a “... More »

5 Stories