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X Prize: $7M to Map the Ocean Floor

Foundation will offer big bucks to teams who explore the 'unexplored'

(Newser) - Have a great idea about how to map the ocean floor? It could be worth millions. The X Prize Foundation, which two years ago asked for a way to gauge ocean acidification , is offering $7 million to teams able to develop high-resolution maps of the seafloor over the next three... More »

Yes, It's Real: New Company Will Mine Asteroids

It will scour near-earth sites for precious metals

(Newser) - It's official, earthlings: The world's first asteroid-mining company has launched. Planetary Resources had its official coming out party today, the AP reports, with its co-founders laying out their plan to mine outer space for precious metal. The company, which is backed by such big-name investors as James Cameron... More »

Silicon Valley Spawns High-Tech University

'Singularity University' to tackle questions about future, technology

(Newser) - The future’s so bright, we’re going to need special training to get ready. That’s the point of Singularity University, a Silicon Valley institution founded by trio of forward thinkers, reports CNET. It won’t be a regular university; instead, Singularity—staffed by Nobel winners and other luminaries—... More »

3 Stories