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Comments on God Could Spell Trouble for Stephen Fry

Irish police are investigating Fry's 2015 interview for blasphemy

(Newser) - Funnyman Stephen Fry may be in hot water in Ireland for comments made during an interview where he candidly calls out someone not to be trifled with on the Emerald Isle: God. Irish police are investigating Fry's February 2015 interview on the RTÉ show The Meaning of Life as... More »

Stephen Fry: I'll Go to Jail to Help Convicted Tweeter

Critical of message, but says freedom more important

(Newser) - British comedian Stephen Fry is willing to go to jail—"if that's what it takes"—to overturn the conviction of a man who joked on Twitter about blowing up an airport. "This [verdict] must not be allowed to stand in law," Fry said. Several celebrities... More »

Judge: Tweeting Joke About Blowing Up Airport Not OK

Paul Chambers' joke was 'definitely menacing'

(Newser) - A British man who joked on Twitter about blowing up an airport after his flight was canceled has lost his appeal challenging his conviction in the case. Paul Chambers—who lost his job after being arrested earlier this year—will now have to pay a $1,600 fine and double... More »

Twitter Actor Back: I Know Women Like to Get Rocks Off

Stephen Fry says he was just 'taking a thought for a walk'

(Newser) - He's baaaack. Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry has returned to Twitter after he quit in a snit over the uproar triggered by his comments that women don't like sex because they don't "shag" in bushes. Fry declares he's neither an "antediluvian pig" or a "twatty prune,"... More »

Do Women Hate Sex?

Stephen Fry's comments bear evolutionary examination

(Newser) - Now that critics have landed on actor Stephen Fry's head like a ton of bricks for suggesting women hate sex because they don't often screw strange men in bushes, at least one Brit journalist is wondering, well, do women loathe sex? In fact, insists Steve Connor in the Independent , Fry... More »

Actor Quits Twitter After Sex Comments Spark Outrage

Stephen Fry claims he was misquoted in interview

(Newser) - Britain's most popular tweeter has apparently quit Twitter after being lambasted for comments about women's sexuality. Actor Stephen Fry tweeted "Bye Bye" to his 1.9 million followers after he claimed he was misquoted in a magazine interview that women don't enjoy sex. According to the interview, the homosexual... More »

100 Defining Moments of the '00s

The iPod, Guitar Hero, Twitter—and some serious moments, too

(Newser) - From the tragic (World Trade Center attacks, Hurricane Katrina) to the seemingly trivial (Stephen Fry's first Tweet), the Telegraph lists the top 100 defining cultural moments of the decade so far:
  • April 2000: Metallica sues music-sharing service Napster.
  • October 2001: The iPod is released.
  • February 2003: Sacha Baron Cohen hits
... More »

Trapped Brit Actor Tweets From Stuck Elevator

'Arse, poo and widdle'

(Newser) - British actor Stephen Fry tweeted his way out of a stuck London elevator yesterday, reports the Times of London. "Hell's teeth. Arse, poo and widdle," Fry typed to his 100,000 Twitter followers, along with his exact location. Passengers were freed in 45 minutes. Fry, of Wilde and... More »

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