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Caught Your Teen Sexting? Don't Panic

Researchers say it could be a healthy part of sex education, if handled correctly

(Newser) - If you've finally mastered "OMG" and "IYKWIM," you may be ready for the next step in deciphering text messages—though if you're the parent of a teen, you might not like what you uncover. That's because teens are spending more time sexting, with at... More »

Women Shrug Off Bad Sex

Small percentage of those with sex problems actually care

(Newser) - You’d think having an unsatisfying sex life would be a problem—but for many women, it’s not. Studies show that anywhere from one-third to almost one-half of women report sex problems, but only 10% are actually worried about those problems. One possible reason is that “women might... More »

Oxytocin Improves Autistics' Social Skills

'Love hormone' offers hope of treatment

(Newser) - The hormone oxytocin may improve the social skills of people with high-functioning autism. In a new study, patients who received doses of it in a nasal spray were better able to recognize faces and interact with others in a game. In short, the so-called "love chemical" seems to help... More »

Monk's Guide to Sex Enthralls Poland

(Newser) - A celibate monk in Poland has a surprise hit on his hands—a sex guide for married couples that's being labeled a Catholic Kama Sutra, the BBC reports. Poles quickly snapped up the first run of Father Ksawery Knotz' book, which argues that religious couples' sex life should be "... More »

Survey: Women's Sex Lives Best in Their 40s

(Newser) - Whether it’s hormones, increased self-esteem or stepping out on their spouses, 40-something women are experiencing the best sex of their lives, reports the Guardian. "It's one of the best-kept secrets of women's lives," noted one expert. Of 2,000 women polled in a recent survey, 77% said... More »

5 Stories