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5 Steps to Fix Work-Life Balance

US policy far behind other countries'

(Newser) - Following much-discussed articles like Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic piece, the question of work-life balance—particularly for women—is again in the spotlight, and that's a very good thing, writes Sarah Seltzer at Salon . The fact is, the US is embarrassingly behind on the issue. But a few policy changes... More »

Calif. State Workers Take Forced Day Off

200K at DMV, other agencies stay home amid budget crunch

(Newser) - Californians looking to renew a driver’s license today will be disappointed, as 200,000 state employees take their first forced day off. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the two mandatory unpaid vacation days per month—a 9% pay cut—is a budget necessity. But many Californians are confused about which... More »

2 Stories