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What Narwhal's Famed Tusk Has to Do With Its Testicles

Researchers find there's a size correlation

(Newser) - The narwhal's distinctive tusk is actually a tooth, one that can grow to nearly 10 feet in length. It's almost never found on females, and researchers have a new theory as to why: It may communicate a male's fertility to its tusk-less counterparts. Researchers pored over anatomical... More »

BBC Film Crew Captures 'Arctic Unicorns'

Elusive narwhals tracked on icy migration

(Newser) - A BBC crew has captured on film a hauntingly majestic pod of narwhals, their unicorn-like tusks slicing through Arctic waters. It's believed to be the first such film of the mysterious, elusive mammals, reports the BBC. The aerial team spotted the animals last summer as they negotiated their way through... More »

2 Stories