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Russia Swapped Urine Samples Through 'Mouse Hole': Report

It led to a room full of clean, frozen samples

(Newser) - During the day, it looked like an impenetrable wall. Only under cover of darkness was the small "mouse hole" at ground level uncovered to reveal a passage from Russia's anti-doping lab to a room where clean urine tests sat waiting, frozen. "At a convenient moment, usually around... More »

Simple Test May Help Diagnose Autism Early

Stomach microbes could signal onset at 6 months old

(Newser) - Children with and without autism show marked differences in the makeup of their intestinal bacteria, and a simple urine test may help doctors diagnose the condition in children as young as 6 months old. Children typically aren't diagnosed until they're 2, delaying the start of intervention and other treatments. With... More »

Urine Test Predicts Smokers' Lung Cancer Risk

Detectable chemical IDs smokers with lots to lose

(Newser) - A chemical detectable in urine can help predict which smokers are prone to lung cancer, NPR reports. A 10-year study of 500 smokers found that those with the highest levels of nicotine and NNAL—created as the body metabolizes tobacco—were 8.5 times more likely to develop cancer. Researchers... More »

Discovery Spurs Hope for Prostate Cancer Test

(Newser) - A molecule present only in men who have the deadly form of prostate cancer may be the key to a simple urine test for the disease, the BBC reports. “It raises the possibility of telling the difference between the type of cancer that does no harm—which we term... More »

4 Stories