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Culprit in Fires at Golf Courses? Titanium Clubs

Clubs spark when they hit rocks

(Newser) - Before you break out your titanium golf clubs for the warmer weather, you might want to grab a fire extinguisher as well. A new study finds that titanium golf clubs spark if they strike rocks while swinging in the rough—and those sparks remain hot for a long time, meaning... More »

2 Firefighters Killed in Calif. Blaze

Pair drives off road as flames consume national forest

(Newser) - Two California firefighters drove off a treacherous road to their death as they helped battle a 43,000-acre inferno in the Angeles National Forest, reports the Los Angeles Times. More than 2,800 firefighters, 12 helicopters and eight air tankers have converged on the area where the blaze now threatens... More »

Aussie Arson Suspect Charged

Suspect is being held in secret location for his protection

(Newser) - An Australian man has been charged with setting one of the hundreds of deadly brushfires that swept across the state of Victoria, killing up to 300 people and destroying entire towns. He was charged with lethal arson linked to 10 of the deaths, and with possessing child pornography, reports the... More »

3 Stories