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Trump Kicks Off Victory Tour With 'Incendiary' Ohio Rally

He boasts about victory, promises great things

(Newser) - After barely leaving Trump Tower for weeks, Donald Trump kicked off what he is calling his "Thank You USA" tour Thursday night—and he seemed very happy to be back on the road. The crowd in Cincinnati, where he delivered an hourlong speech, was just as enthusiastic as the... More »

Obama: I Have Never Been More Hopeful

'Destiny is shared,' he says in victory speech

(Newser) - President Obama called for unity and vowed to return to the White House more determined in his victory speech before thousands of delirious supporters in Chicago, reports the AP . "This country has more wealth than any nation, but that's not what makes us rich," he said in... More »

Ahmadinejad, Chief Rival Both Claim Victory

Voting runs extra 3 hours to accommodate volume

(Newser) - Both leading candidates for Iran’s presidency are trumpeting victory after Iranians swarmed the polls, forcing them to remain open an extra 3 hours, Reuters reports. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad each claimed some 60% of the vote. Meanwhile, President Obama applauded the election, which he said heralded “... More »

Sri Lanka Declares Victory Over Tigers

(Newser) - Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa said today that his country had defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels on the battlefield and emerged victorious from its quarter-century civil war. "My government, with the total commitment of our armed forces, has in an unprecedented humanitarian operation finally defeated the LTTE militarily,"... More »

House Passes Stimulus Bill

(Newser) - The House today passed the $787 billion stimulus bill, once again without a single Republican vote, the AP reports. Eight Democrats also opposed the bill, which will make its way to the Senate later today. The victory belongs to President Obama, who says the package will save or create 3.... More »

5 Stories