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What Our Voice Says About Us

Changes in voice may reveal a lot about ourselves, study says

(Newser) - Job hunters, take note: If you're insecure during an interview, your voice may give you away. A new study reveals that people speak in higher-pitched voices when they're speaking to someone they see as higher status. Writing in Quartz , the researchers say that men and women who viewed... More »

5 Astounding Facts About Walmart's Dominance

Only the DOD and China's military employ more people

(Newser) - Walmart "isn't a unicorn, and it's no longer sexy," Quartz asserts. But there's no denying that the No. 1 company on the Fortune 500 list is a retail powerhouse that seems nearly impossible to overtake. Some astonishing details about how it continues to dominate:
  • With
... More »

To Rule the Dating Scene, Open Up— Literally

Assuming 'open' posture of dominance, expansiveness attracts mates: study

(Newser) - You may not think of that guy manspreading across from you on the subway as a magnificent peacock, but he's more or less doing it for the same effect: a show of dominance and openness. And indeed, new research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests... More »

'He-Cession' Is Death Knell for Male Dominance

Recession has sped end of 'era of male dominance'

(Newser) - Macho men caused this recession, and they’re going to pay the price: for the first time in history, they’ll cease to be the dominant force in society, writes Reihan Salam in Foreign Policy. Signs of the turning tide can already be seen in the US, as male-dominated industries... More »

Mean Trainers Make Mean Dogs

(Newser) - Dog owners who try to tame their pets by acting aggressive themselves will only make matters worse, LiveScience reports. A new study in Applied Animal Behavior Science presents sobering news for advocates of tough love. Those who hit, kick, growl at, or confront their dogs in similar ways are more... More »

5 Stories