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Frances Bean Leads Tributes on Cobain's 50th

Daughter left Nirvana frontman a handwritten note on Instagram

(Newser) - It's hard to reconcile the image of grunge rocker with AARP membership eligibility, but what would've been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday arrived Monday, and the internet proved it hadn't forgotten about the Nirvana frontman. The Washington state native—who once called his sleepy hometown of Aberdeen... More »

Humorist David Rakoff Dead at 47

Admirers across the Internet remember the essayist

(Newser) - David Rakoff, longtime contributor to This American Life, essayist adored for his cynical point of view, and beloved voice for the gay and Jewish communities, died of cancer yesterday at 47, reports the Huffington Post . Some tributes:
  • Margalit Fox, New York Times : Rakoff was a "was a social anthropologist
... More »

Hundreds Remember Giffords Shooting

Survivors, family members place roses for shooting victims

(Newser) - Hundreds gathered today in a huge Tucson cathedral to remember the horrifying day a year ago when Gabrielle Giffords was severely wounded in a gunman's rampage , the AP reports. A pastor read the names of six people killed in the shooting, inviting survivors and family members to place red... More »

9/11 Now America's 'Day of Hate'

The post 9/11 push for solidarity is gone

(Newser) - September 11th was once a day of remembrance. No more. The anniversary of the worst terror attacks in American history is now a day of "fighting and political battles," writes Gregor Peter Schmitz in Der Spiegel . The battle over the so-called Ground Zero mosque , plans to publicly burn... More »

Biden Chokes Up in Kennedy Tribute

Discusses 'friend,' 'anchor' at energy department event

(Newser) - At an energy department event today, Vice President Biden departed from the planned topic for an emotional speech on his “friend” and “anchor” Ted Kennedy, ABC News reports. Kennedy, with whom Biden served as a senator for 36 years, “made everybody he worked with bigger, both his... More »

LiLo Mourns Parent Trap Mom

Lohan worked with Natasha Richardson 11 years ago

(Newser) - Parent Trap co-star Lindsay Lohan is remembering on-screen mom Natasha Richardson fondly, reports USA Today. "She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own," the starlet said of their work on the 1998 remake. "I didn't see much of her over... More »

Ebert on Siskel: 'He Is in My Mind Almost Every Day'

(Newser) - Ten years after the death of his sparring partner, Roger Ebert pays tribute to Gene Siskel in the Chicago Sun-Times. "He is in my mind almost every day," writes Ebert. Yes, they had a sometimes volatile relationship, but the friendship endured. “No one else could possibly understand... More »

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