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Japan's North Korea Warning Would Be 10 Minutes, Max

Japanese government admits there wouldn't be much time to seek shelter

(Newser) - If the Japanese ever receive word that North Korea has launched a missile toward them, they better find shelter quickly—because the government estimates any warning will be 10 minutes at most, the Japan Times reports. The Japanese seem to be on edge in the wake of chatter that Pyongyang... More »

A Peaceful Snooze on a Plane, Then an Explosion

Woman's headphones caught fire as she flew from Beijing to Melbourne in February

(Newser) - A flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia, turned terrifying last month when a woman's headphones exploded midflight, burning her hands, face, and hair, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The unidentified woman had dozed off a couple of hours into the Feb. 19 flight while wearing the headphones, and per... More »

Alaska Skiers Fight Grumpy Moose on Lift Line

Officials warn of 'cranky' animals after 2 incidents

(Newser) - Alaska wildlife officials warned people to keep their distance from grumpy moose after two close calls this past weekend. One of the animals walked up behind a woman tending chickens in the city of Homer on Sunday and started eating chicken food from a bucket she carried. When she turned,... More »

Woman's Warning About Windshield Shirt Goes Viral

Michigan's Ashley Hardacre thinks it was planted there to lure her out of car

(Newser) - Who drives around with a shirt draped over their windshield? A 19-year-old in Michigan did, and now her tale—which includes a chilling warning—has gone viral. WDAF reports Ashley Hardacre had just finished up working an evening shift at Flint's Genesee Valley Center on Thursday and had gotten... More »

Beijing Advises Umbrellas to Shield Against Its Gross Snow

Meteorological Bureau warning means snow days aren't really fun

(Newser) - "The snow is very dirty! The snow is very dirty! The snow is very dirty!" This thrice-emphasized warning from Beijing's Meteorological Bureau appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo on Thursday after the country's Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the city's average air-quality index for... More »

Samsung Has a New Exploding Product: CPSC

Top-loading washing machine could be a problem, per consumer safety group

(Newser) - Samsung isn't having a great year. First there was a worldwide recall for millions of its new smartphones after some caught fire; then the company was accused of messing up that recall . Now a warning has been issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission about some of its top-loading... More »

Even a Little Non-Aspirin Painkiller Could Be Bad News

Risk of heart attack, stroke from NSAIDs higher than thought, even in small amounts

(Newser) - The FDA advised back in 2005 that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs , could up the risk of heart attack and stroke. But the agency is now boosting that warning, noting that drugs like ibuprofen (often sold under the Motrin IB brand), naproxen (Aleve), and celecoxib (Celebrex) may pose a... More »

Report Warned About Marathon Finish Line

Cited threat of 'small-scale bombings'

(Newser) - An 18-page report that emerged days before the Boston Marathon proved chillingly accurate in its warning: It said the race's finish line was an "area of increased vulnerability," noting a threat of "small-scale bombings" by extremists, the Los Angeles Times reports. But the report, from the... More »

US Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Bangkok

Citizens urged to be cautious in tourist areas

(Newser) - US citizens visiting Thailand were warned today that terrorists may be planning attacks on tourist areas in Bangkok "in the near future," the Bangkok Post reports. A message from the US embassy urges citizens "to exercise caution when visiting public areas where large groups of Western tourists... More »

2 Bodies in Mexico Seen as Warning to Social Media

Placards near bodies warn not to post online about drug cartels

(Newser) - A gruesome find on a bridge in Mexico is being interpreted as a warning to those to speak out against drug cartels on the Internet, reports CNN . Police found the brutalized bodies of a young man and woman hanging from a bridge, next to posters calling out two blogs that... More »

DC Airport Closed After 'Warning From God'

Woman said God had told her of bomb on plane

(Newser) - Yesterday, Washington’s Reagan National Airport shut down for 20 minutes, and today, the cause emerges: A woman drove to the Dayton Airport and told a ticket-counter agent there that God told her there was a bomb on a plane en route to Washington. Authorities found no explosives on US... More »

Planes Warn Disney Visitors: Gays Ahead

Florida family-values activists spend $7K on ads

(Newser) - A Florida activist group reportedly spent $7,000 to hire an airplane to pull banners that warned people about Disney World’s annual Gay Day celebration. The plane, which flew 10-hour shifts on Friday and Saturday, carried banners reading “WARNING GAY DAY AT DISNEY 6/4” and “WARNING GAY... More »

Big Tobacco Looks to Go Global, Hits Wall

Big tobacco fights tougher rules

(Newser) - It's a battle for the hearts and, um, lungs, as cigarette makers seek out new markets overseas, only to be thwarted by ever-tightening tobacco restrictions, finds the New York Times . Big firms like Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco are fighting tough ad guidelines, larger package warnings, and tax... More »

Australia Warns Ships About Iceberg

Industry told to watch out for 54-square-mile mass

(Newser) - Australian authorities today warned ships to watch out for the 54-square-mile iceberg that’s slowly approaching the continent’s southwest coast. The once-in-a-century iceberg broke off the coast of Antarctica roughly a decade ago and has been creeping toward the land down under ever since. It's still about 1,000... More »

FDA: Get Off Smell-Killing Zicam Nasal Spray, Now

Agency received over 130 reports of loss of smell sense

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is calling on consumers to stop using Zicam nasal treatments because they can permanently kill the sense of smell, the Wall Street Journal reports. Zicam is an over-the-counter cold and allergy medication sold in several forms; customers should reject internasal products that contain zinc. The... More »

Airbus Sends Warning on Speed Sensors

Faulty readings may have played a role in Air France crash

(Newser) - The maker of the Air France jet that crashed in the Atlantic issued a warning to pilots on how to respond when speed sensors malfunction, buttressing a belief that faulty readings played a role in the disaster, Reuters reports. An Airbus memo also says the company is replacing all such... More »

Firm Warned of Flu Weeks Before WHO Alert

Watchdog discovered threat in daily Web scan; notified CDC

(Newser) - A company that specializes in biosurveillance issued a warning about swine flu more than two weeks before the World Health Organization announced the possible threat, McClatchy reports. The Washington state firm, Veratect, scans tens of thousands of Web sites every day in search of potential medical concerns. It reported a... More »

Airline Warned of Runway Glitch Before Buffalo Crash

(Newser) - Add this to the mix in the Buffalo plane crash: Southwest Airlines warned its pilots just weeks ago about a landing glitch involving the same runway the Continental flight was destined for, CNN reports. It seems an earthen dam near the runway interferes with signals in a so-called instruments landing,... More »

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