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Shooter's Defense: Stand Your Ground, Bush Doctrine

Florida man shot 3 people he said were threatening him

(Newser) - A Florida man who shot three people in a surprise attack during a Labor Day barbecue has an unusual two-pronged defense: His lawyers cite both the state's "Stand Your Ground" law and the "Bush Doctrine," reports Florida Today . William Woodward, 44, told police that the men... More »

Obama Doctrine? He Just Borrowed Bush's

His Mideast plan is the same as his predecessor's: Charles Krauthammer

(Newser) - Analysts keep looking to define an Obama Doctrine, but after listening to the president's Mideast speech yesterday , Charles Krauthammer thinks it's easy: The Obama Doctrine is the Bush Doctrine, Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post . Bush "made the spread of democracy the key US objective in the... More »

Arab Uprising Vindicates Bush

Rather than denounce us, protesters want America's help: Krauthammer

(Newser) - A lot of people are calling for a US military intervention in Libya, which strikes Charles Krauthammer as odd, since the world so condemned the US for taking out Saddam Hussein. “Hussein’s evil was an order of magnitude beyond Gadhafi’s,” Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post... More »

When It Comes to War, Obama and Bush Think Alike

But 44 needs to make his case to America

(Newser) - When it comes to war, Presidents Bush and Obama really aren’t so different, writes Stephen Carter in Newsweek . While Obama was perceived as the peace candidate, “the office of the presidency, once assumed, transforms the outlook of its holder.” To wit: Obama is essentially recycling Bush's Iraq... More »

Why We Miss George W Bush

A year later, George W. doesn't look so bad

(Newser) - George W Bush isn't looking so bad these days. Sure, "his post-presidency resume is still thin," writes Stanley Fish in the New York Times , but he's about to make a comeback—just as we're starting to miss him. Bush nostalgia abounds: Pictures of a Minnesota billboard featuring George... More »

Bush's Top Neocon Denies Existence of Neocons

To widespread guffaws

(Newser) -  In real life, Richard Perle is the neoconservative mastermind who devised the Bush Doctrine and argued vociferously for the Iraq war. But apparently, Perle lives in a different world, writes Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. At a foreign policy forum yesterday, Perle insisted that:
  • He is not a
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