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Arnold Hides Vulgar Message to Legislators in Veto

Bill's author recently told governor to 'kiss my gay ass'

(Newser) - Though all political vetoes send some message, a recent one by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to carry two—with the less-obvious one quite the kiss-off to the Democrat-controlled legislature. In the message accompanying Schwarzenegger’s veto of a financing measure, the San Francisco Bay Guardian found that, in reading... More »

'Kiss My Gay Ass': Calif. Dem After Heckling Arnold

... after interrupting governor's speech by yelling 'You lie!'

(Newser) - Slightly different forum, very different personalities, same heckle. And California Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano apparently followed up his “You lie!” interruption of a speech last night in San Francisco by Arnold Schwarzenegger by walking out and telling the Republican governor to “kiss my gay ass.” Ammiano’... More »

Schwarzenegger: It's Time to Talk About Legalizing Pot

California Gov. says he would welcome debate on legalization, taxation

(Newser) - California's governor would welcome a debate on terminating the state's ban on recreational use of marijuana, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that while it isn't time for the state to start treating marijuana the same as alcohol, the legalization issue should be discussed—especially in light of... More »

Pol's 'Toke Tax' Not Just Blowing Smoke

Time to tax big business clearly here to stay, says California lawmaker

(Newser) - What is San Francisco State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano smoking? He's not backing off his proposed legislation to legalize state pot—and charging a $1-a-joint tax to beef up California's depleted coffers. It's not such a stoner idea, insists the politician, who also works as a stand-up comedian (no, this is... More »

Calif. Legislator Wants to Tax, Legalize Pot

Knows 'jokes coming,' but says his broke state could net $1B

(Newser) - A California lawmaker thinks he has a solution for the state’s fiscal woes: Tax marijuana. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has introduced a bill that would legalize, regulate, and tax pot, treating the drug like alcohol or tobacco, the Los Angeles Times reports. “I know the jokes are going to... More »

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