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Canada's Biggest School System Bans Trips to the US

Fears students will be turned away at border

(Newser) - There will be no new trips to the Washington Monument for students within Canada's largest school system. The Toronto District School Board, which includes 245,000 students in 584 schools, will no longer green-light trips south of the border, citing uncertainty over border restrictions. "We strongly believe that... More »

You'll Need 2 Passengers to Drive Into Manhattan

Unless you take the George Washington Bridge

(Newser) - Cars heading into Manhattan must have at least three people inside for the next few days, although vehicles on the George Washington Bridge are exempt. The rule, intended to cut down on post-Sandy gridlock, starts this evening and applies to the four bridges over the East River, the Henry Hudson... More »

US Loosens Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Students and church groups will be allowed to visit

(Newser) - The Obama administration is loosening the rules about travel to Cuba to make it easier for students, church groups, and cultural organizations to go there, reports the Miami Herald . The move means that more airports will be allowed to offer charter flights—up from the current three in Miami, Los... More »

Cuba Doesn't Belong on New Screening List

Al-Qaeda in Havana? This is just a 'big waste of time'

(Newser) - The terrorist threat from Cuba “can be measured at precisely zero,” Eugene Robinson writes, so why did it make the list of nations whose residents will get extra screening at airports? The answer is simple, and ridiculous: The US persists in considering Cuba a “state sponsor of... More »

US-Canada Border Crossings Plummet

(Newser) - Fewer Americans visited Canada last month than at any time since record-keeping began in 1972, as new passport controls and a weak US dollar kept tourists away. One-day car trips dropped 26% from May to June, and US tourists in Canada fell to half their number 5 years ago. The... More »

Obama to Announce New Cuba Travel Rules in Spring

Administration plans to allow more citizens to visit Communist island

(Newser) - President Obama will travel to Key West this spring to announce the softening of travel restrictions to Cuba, the Washington Times reports. New rules will tweak the decades-long embargo to allow more US citizens to visit. Currently, only individuals such as journalists or researchers with specific business can travel to... More »

Congress Debates Easing Cuba Travel Restrictions

(Newser) - A bill pending in the US House includes a provision relaxing travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans who wish to visit Cuba by slicing out funding for enforcement of a 2004 law, the Miami Herald reports. The bill, which will likely see a vote today, allows annual visits rather than one every... More »

7 Stories