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What Almost Derailed $1.3T Budget Bill: Name of a Forest

Senate conservatives caused late-night drama

(Newser) - Congress gave final approval early Friday to a giant $1.3 trillion spending bill that ends the budget battles for now, but only after late obstacles skirted close to another shutdown as conservatives objected to big outlays on Democratic priorities at a time when Republicans control the House, Senate, and... More »

Minnesota Ends Shutdown

Budget compromise closes $5B shortfall, heads to Gov. Mark Dayton

(Newser) - Minnesota legislators approved a budget today, ending the state's three-week-old shutdown with a 3:30am vote that will likely put some 22,000 state workers back on the clock by tomorrow. Gov. Mark Dayton is expected the sign the series of bills this morning. In order to close a... More »

White House Offers Another $6.5B in Cuts

Officials: We're meeting GOP 'halfway' with budget proposal

(Newser) - The White House has proposed another $6.5 billion in spending cuts, its latest offer in an effort to avoid a government shutdown as another deadline looms. Vice President Biden brought the proposal to talks with congressional leaders yesterday. While it’s far less than the House’s proposed $61... More »

Wisconsin Dems on the Lam: It's Like Being a Refugee

Senators who fled need underwear and other 'provisions'

(Newser) - What is life like for the "Democratic 14," who fled Wisconsin for Illinois in an attempt to block a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget bill? Well, for one thing, they have to do a lot of laundry, since some of them left the state with... More »

Reuters Kills Budget Story on WH Complaints

Pulled story said Obama budget had backdoor tax hikes

(Newser) - Reuters pulled an article suggesting President Obama's budget blueprint included backdoor tax increases last night after the news agency received complaints from the White House. The Reuters story was "falsely stating that the president's budget raises taxes for middle-class families, when in fact the opposite is true," a... More »

Obama Asks Workers How to Curb Spending

(Newser) - President Obama appealed to federal workers today to propose ways to make their agencies' and departments' budgets more efficient. The president said employees' ideas would be key as his Cabinet officials cut millions from the federal budget and trim the deficit. "After all, Americans across the country know that... More »

Obama Allies Target Dems, Too, in Pro-Budget Blitz

Moderate Dems object that the president needs their input

(Newser) - To push through President Obama’s budget, the White House and allied groups are running a political effort targeting not only Republicans but also conservative Democrats, reports the Los Angeles Times. Groups like MoveOn are running ads warning against what they portray as just-say-no politics. Says an insider, “Every... More »

Congress Debates Easing Cuba Travel Restrictions

(Newser) - A bill pending in the US House includes a provision relaxing travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans who wish to visit Cuba by slicing out funding for enforcement of a 2004 law, the Miami Herald reports. The bill, which will likely see a vote today, allows annual visits rather than one every... More »

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