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Fugitive Admits Killing Mom: 'Worst Scream I've Ever Heard'

Multistate manhunt is on for Tennessee's Casey Lawhorn, who also confessed to killing best friend

(Newser) - A multistate manhunt for a Tennessee man is underway after he allegedly confessed via Facebook that he'd killed his mother and best friend. The New York Daily News reports Casey Lawhorn, 22 or 23, said Sunday in the now-deleted post that he used a stolen gun early that morning... More »

Selena Gomez: I've Been on the Mend From Kidney Transplant

Singer surprises fans with procedure she had done over the summer as a result of lupus

(Newser) - TMZ has the scoop on why Selena Gomez was largely absent from the public eye over the summer—and it didn't have anything to do with Justin Bieber or any other petty drama that TMZ is often known for exposing. The singer revealed Thursday morning via an Instagram... More »

Alert Diners Apparently Stop 'Roofie' Date Rape

Santa Monica police arrest Michael Hsu, 24

(Newser) - Three women dining out in Santa Monica, Calif., Thursday night apparently spotted a guy slip his table-mate a "roofie"-style drug—and rushed to prevent the woman from being raped, Jezebel reports. As Sonia Ulrich writes on Facebook , she and her friends Monica Kenyon and Marla Saltzer were enjoying... More »

Straight Teen Asks Gay BFF to Prom in Bighearted Way

Jacob Lescenski's 'promposal' to Anthony Martinez for a prom 'd8' is gr8t

(Newser) - As a member of the student council at Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Anthony Martinez has helped out plenty with planning for the upcoming prom. But what the gay teen really wanted was a date to the dance, Inside Edition reports. Earlier this week he tweeted (all caps... More »

For a Happy Marriage, Wed Your Best Friend

Generally speaking, married people are happier, says study

(Newser) - Marital bliss is easy to find, according to a new study : just marry your best friend. Two economists pored over surveys about well-being and found that in most places, married people are happier—even when controlling for their happiness-level before marriage, the New York Times reports. (Where it's not... More »

No More BFFs: Schools Intervene

Educators, psychologists argue over what's healthier

(Newser) - Remember your childhood best friend, the person you shared secrets and slumber parties with? Your son or daughter might never have that experience. “Parents sometimes say Johnny needs that one special friend. We say he doesn’t need a best friend,” one counselor tells the New York Times... More »

Fat Friends Eat More Together

(Newser) - Overweight kids eat more when they eat with their overweight friends, Newsweek reports. A new study tested a child's consumption of healthy snacks and junk food while in the company of a friend or stranger who was either fat or lean. Overweight kids eating with a chubby buddy ate more... More »

Paltrow: Madonna a 'Survivor'

(Newser) - Madonna and longtime friend Gwyneth Paltrow might not have the same kind of personal lives, OK! reports, but the actress sees the singer as an inspirational figure. “She’s a real survivor,” Paltrow said. “Every problem that I’ve had, she’s had 10 problems worse.”... More »

8 Stories