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Portugal Won't Extradite Fugitive US Killer

George Wright's lawyer says Lisbon court sided with his client

(Newser) - George Wright, the killer who escaped from prison in 1970, hijacked a plane two years later, and was finally caught in Portugal in September, will not be extradited to the US to serve the rest of his murder sentence. A Lisbon court denied the US request on the basis that... More »

Portugal PM Gets Heat for Smoking on Plane

Was he just blowing smoke when he backed Portugal's cigarette ban?

(Newser) - Portugal banned smoking in public places five months ago but the country's prime minister appears to have forgotten the rule his own government enacted. Jose Socrates—known to be a smoker in private—stunned passengers and triggered an uproar when he blithely lit up in the first-class cabin of a... More »

Defiant African Leaders Reject EU Trade Deal

Relations between continents sour over human rights, Mugabe

(Newser) - European-African trade talks at a tense Lisbon summit collapsed in their final session yesterday. If a new agreement isn’t reached by year’s end, the European Union may levy higher tariffs on African exports, further exacerbating tensions between the continents. A new, controversial set of agreements would have dropped... More »

EU Makes Nice With Africa

Europe offers trade pacts that snub human rights; UK refuses to attend Lisbon summit

(Newser) - The EU will pooh-pooh human rights issues this weekend as it woos Africa with new trade pacts at a rare summit in Lisbon, the Economist reports. With China and India snapping up more African resources, Europe plans to offer friendly deals that leave out human rights demands. But the EU's... More »

Britain Boycotts African Summit

Brown takes stand against torture, intimidation in Mugabe's Zimbabwe

(Newser) - Britain will boycott a summit bringing together leaders of the European Union and  African states because of the expected presence of  Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the Independent  he wants to send a powerful message of concern to the leader responsible for widespread torture and the... More »

Portugal May Break Ban, Invite Mugabe

New head of EU wants Africans at upcoming summit

(Newser) - Portugal has provoked a firestorm by proposing to invite Robert Mugabe to an upcoming summit of European and African nations, despite an EU ban prohibiting the Zimbabwean dictator from traveling on the Continent. The African Union insists all its members be treated equally, and EU refusal to invite Mugabe at... More »

6 Stories