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Happiest Cities Are Mostly in One State

8 of top 10 are in sunny California: WalletHub

(Newser) - Life in sunny California sure is sweet, according to WalletHub . Based on factors such as emotional and physical well-being and income and employment, the site has compiled a list of the happiest cities in the country—and ones in California dominate the upper ranks. The top 10, with "happiness... More »

Rare Venomous Sea Snake Found in California, Again

Blame it on El Niño

(Newser) - The 27-inch venomous yellow-bellied sea snake discovered dead on the sand in Huntington Beach, Calif., last week is "incredible" and "fascinating," but does "not an invasion" make, Greg Pauly of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County tells the Los Angeles Times . Nonetheless, it's... More »

How a T-Shirt Took Down a $1K Drone

That's one way to tell the world you're fed-up with drones

(Newser) - Mike Luzanksy, owner of Lucky 7 Drones—an online company that sells drones and accessories and just moved from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach, Calif.—was on a quiet residential street filming a demonstration video of the small DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter last week around 6pm when a... More »

Surf Fans Riot in California

7 arrested, one injured

(Newser) - An unruly crowd surged through downtown Huntington Beach in Southern California last night following the US Open of Surfing, brawling, looting a bicycle shop, clashing with police and trashing property before authorities broke up the melee and made arrests, authorities and witnesses say. Police say more than 100 officers from... More »

Surf City May Ban Beer Pong

Huntington Beach, California, considers total block on drinking games

(Newser) - Huntington Beach, Calif.—aka Surf City—is considering a total ban on drinking games, beer pong chief among them, at city establishments. The police chief, who says they're "not consistent with maintaining public safety in the city," has outlawed them at existing restaurants, and the city council... More »

As Jobs Dry Up, Wannabe Lifeguards Head to Surf City

California's unemployed turn to jobs once held by teens

(Newser) - Huntington Beach, Calif., might be more famous for hosting surfing competitions, but the crowds lined up on the sand yesterday were there looking for work, reports the Los Angeles Times. The economic downturn has buoyed interest in $16-per-hour lifeguard positions, summer jobs once dominated by bronzed teenagers and college students. More »

6 Stories