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Stewart Skewers Media Over Jobs Speech 'Crisis'

Reasonable accommodation turned into manufactured crisis

(Newser) - Back from vacation, Jon Stewart's Daily Show went right back to skewering the media, this time for hyping the "non-crisis" that was the one-day scheduling conflict between President Obama and Congress over the timing of his jobs address. "I know where this is going," said Stewart.... More »

Baby Jessica Turns 25

Now a grown-up mom, Jessica McClure gets her $800K trust fund

(Newser) - Baby Jessica—the 18-month-old girl who was trapped in an abandoned water well for two and a half days in 1987, captivating America—is a baby no more, reports the AP. She turned 25 yesterday, old enough at last to have access to an $800,000 trust fund, left to... More »

Tiger's Silver Bullet: Humanity

Woods' icy demeanor won't get him back in society's good graces

(Newser) - A classic anthropological model suggests that Tiger Woods has to show humility and humanity if he's to win back his fans. From a scientific perspective, "it's already clear that Woods will not easily regain his place as one of the planet's most ubiquitous pitchmen and a cultural hero."... More »

Media Sucked Up to Sanford to Get Access, Emails Show

News outlets offered aides a 'friendly' ear

(Newser) - No surprise that a lot of media outlets tried to butter up Mark Sanford’s aides in order to win interviews with the governor when he was AWOL in Argentina. But their emails, obtained by the State, show the lengths they were willing to go to, some coming about as... More »

What Disdain for Octuplet Mom Says About Us

(Newser) - All the outrage over Nadya Suleman and her octuplets is a little disingenuous, Raina Kelley writes in Newsweek. “Because, in truth, we created Octomom. With our glorification of bizarre behavior, we dare the emotionally needy to shock and appall us,” Kelley writes. “And then we slam them.... More »

'SNL' Staffers Not Laughing at Hillary Bias Claims

Show tries to be equally unfair to all candidates

(Newser) - “Saturday Night Live” staffers are getting serious over accusations of a pro-Clinton bias, with producer Lorne Michaels telling the Los Angeles Times any perception of bias is a "major concern" and assuring “there’s no agenda.” The show’s send-up of a media crush on Barack... More »

6 Stories