Employee Free Choice Act

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Card Checks Dropped From Card-Check Bill

Senate Dems ditch pro-labor bill's most controversial provision

(Newser) - The so-called "card-check" bill no longer includes its namesake card checks. Labor-friendly Democratic senators have agreed to ditch a central part of the union-organizing measure to ensure its passage, the New York Times reports. The controversial provision would have required employers to recognize a union when a majority of... More »

Specter's Choice Saves Obama Labor Headache

GOP senator's threat to kill bill means Dems won't have to pick sides

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Arlen Specter’s choice to oppose a bill to ease unionization will let President Obama and congressional Democrats avoid a tough choice between labor and business interests, Politico notes. Obama had promised to sign the Employee Free Choice Act, but would have infuriated businesses whose support he needs.... More »

GOP Launches Offensive on Pro-Union Bill

Big business is paying big bucks to lobby against 'card check' bill

(Newser) - Republican lobbyists are swarming Capitol Hill this week, launching the battle over the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act—a fight one Chamber of Commerce exec describes as "Armageddon." Legions of GOP operatives are being enlisted to spend tens of millions of dollars offered by large corporations like Wal-Mart,... More »

3 Stories