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Disney Bans Man Over Trump Banner

He couldn't keep his politics off Splash Mountain

(Newser) - A man banned from Disney World for unfurling a huge pro-President Trump banner on Main Street, USA, in September was given a reprieve—until he came back with more Trump signs. New Yorker Dion Cini, 49, had his annual pass revoked and was banned from all Disney properties last week... More »

Disney Now Has a Name for Its Netflix Competitor

Disney+ will launch in late 2019

(Newser) - Disney has revealed the name of its upcoming Netflix competitor , and it doesn't sound like coming up with it was an especially grueling process: The company says the new service will be called Disney+, NBC reports. The company, which already offers ESPN+, says the service will be launched late... More »

Hope Hicks Lands Her Next Gig

She'll head corporate communications for Fox

(Newser) - Hope Hicks has landed her post-White House gig. President Trump's former communications director, who left the administration earlier this year , is now the head of corporate communications for Fox. Hicks will assume the role for the new version of the company that will emerge after Disney purchases 21st Century... More »

Christopher Robin Is 'Silliness Worth Savoring'

Still, there are missteps and a slow start: critics

(Newser) - Disney's Christopher Robin sees its adult namesake (Ewan McGregor) reunited with his childhood friend Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings) outside the Hundred Acre Wood and just in time, as life in post-World War II London is pretty gloomy. What critics are saying about Marc Forster's latest:
  • "It'
... More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Calls for Gunn to Be Reinstated

'There is little due process in the court of public opinion'

(Newser) - The Guardians of the Galaxy have united to try to save director James Gunn's job. Nine of the Marvel franchise's main cast members, including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Vin Diesel, voice of Groot, signed an open letter saying they were stunned by his abrupt firing 10 days... More »

Bobcat Goldthwait to Disney: Don't Be 'Hypocritical,' Stop Using My Voice

Comedian voices support for James Gunn

(Newser) - Bobcat Goldthwait thinks Disney might want to remove his voice from one of its upcoming theme park attractions, so as not to appear "hypocritical." The comedian made the suggestion in an Instagram post criticizing Disney's firing of James Gunn over controversial posts the Guardians of the Galaxy ... More »

The Problem With James Gunn's Ouster

Roseanne Barr controversy is likely what started this, but we can't compare the two: columnists

(Newser) - Disney fired Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn Friday after offensive tweets Gunn made a decade ago were surfaced by conservative provocateur Mike Cernovich, and the reactions are rolling in. On Vulture , Mark Harris notes that we likely have the Roseanne Barr controversy to thank for this; it was... More »

A Behemoth Just Caved in Fight for 21st Century Fox

Comcast is out, paving the way for Disney to buy it

(Newser) - In a battle among media giants for control of Twenty-First Century Fox's entertainment business, Comcast has blinked. The cable and media company is dropping its bid, instead focusing on its pursuit of the European pay-TV operator Sky. Comcast had been fiercely dueling with Disney for Twenty-First Century Fox, but... More »

Battle for Fox Heats Up as Disney Boosts Offer

Disney has now outbid Comcast

(Newser) - After Comcast challenged Disney by offering $65 billion for 21st Century Fox , Disney is challenging Comcast right back. Disney had initially offered $52.4 billion in stock for Fox's entertainment businesses, and on Wednesday it increased its bid to $70.3 billion, composed of half stock and half cash,... More »

Disney Issues Seizure Warning for Incredibles 2

Flashing lights scene can trigger seizures, other issues

(Newser) - After anecdotal warnings circulated on social media , Disney has issued an official seizure warning for Incredibles 2. Both the film and the trailer contain flashing or strobe light effects, which can cause seizures for some epileptic viewers; the Epilepsy Foundation spoke out about the issue, and a petition called for... More »

Comcast Challenges Disney, Offers $65B for Fox

It's not clear whether Fox's board will entertain the offer

(Newser) - Comcast made a $65 billion bid Wednesday for Fox's entertainment businesses, setting up a battle with Disney to become the next mega-media company, the AP reports. The bid comes just a day after a federal judge cleared AT&T's takeover of Time Warner and rejected the government's... More »

Pixar Co-Founder's 'Missteps' Cost Him His Job at Disney

John Lasseter has been on leave for unwanted hugging

(Newser) - The man who co-founded Pixar and is seen as the creative force behind blockbusters such as the Toy Story and Cars franchises will soon be out of a job at Disney. John Lasseter, 61, has been on leave from parent company Disney since November after allegations of improper workplace behavior... More »

Disney Wouldn't Let Her on Ship. 2 Weeks Earlier, It Would Have

Emily Jackson was 25 weeks pregnant—too pregnant, per Disney policy

(Newser) - She had a doctor's note, but Disney didn't budge. CBS News and the Miami Herald report 22-year-old Emily Jackson of St. Louis and her family of 10 showed up last week in Miami to board the Disney Magic cruise ship, but there was a problem: Jackson is 25... More »

Survey: Most Calif. Disney Workers Can't Afford Living Expenses

73% of Disneyland workers don't make enough to cover rent, food; Disney calls survey 'inaccurate'

(Newser) - Disneyland may be deemed the "Happiest Place on Earth," but that joy apparently dissipates for the majority of employees when they leave the park and have to come up with rent in the real world. The Los Angeles Times points out that even though the Walt Disney Co.... More »

Black Panther Had Really, Historically Good Friday

Disney says film had 8th biggest day in movie history

(Newser) - Black Panther is so far raking it in over the holiday weekend, the AP reports. The Walt Disney Co. estimated Saturday the Marvel Comics superhero movie earned $75.8 million domestically for its opening Friday, the eighth biggest day in industry history. Disney now estimates the movie will earn between... More »

Former Disney Star Arrested on Suspicion of Armed Robbery

Police say Adam Hicks was robbing people at gunpoint while they were on morning walks

(Newser) - A former Disney star was arrested Wednesday in California after police say he robbed multiple people at gunpoint while the victims were out for their morning walk, the Los Angeles Times reports. Police say Adam Hicks' crime spree started when he pointed a gun at a 52-year-old man and demanded... More »

Republicans Get More Good News on Tax Changes

Starbucks, Disney plan raises and bonuses, and Jamie Dimon predicts economic growth

(Newser) - Republicans have a few more bragging points over their newly passed tax plan , which slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.
  • Starbucks: The chain is giving its US workers pay raises and stock grants this year, citing the tax changes, per the AP . Employees also soon will be
... More »

Star Wars Price Tag: $4.06B. Star Wars Ticket Sales: $4.06B

Disney recoups staggering purchase price of Luscasfilm

(Newser) - Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational film franchise. Disney bought Lucasfilm for a staggering $4.06 billion in 2012. Now the Hollywood Reporter notes that after just three films, Disney has already recouped that massive sum. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One: A Star Wars ... More »

Simpsons Saw This Fox-Disney Deal Coming 20 Years Ago

Meanwhile, some are worried about a decline in the quality of movies

(Newser) - Disney was already a behemoth enterprise, but its proposed $52.4 billion purchase of the bulk of 21st Century Fox would make it even more of a giant. As the Washington Post notes, Disney is currently the biggest US studio in terms of box office returns, with the Marvel and... More »

Mega Merger: Disney Is Buying a Big Chunk of Fox

$52.4B deal must still be approved by regulators

(Newser) - It's a mammoth deal, and one that could have huge repercussions in the entertainment and media worlds. Disney is buying a large part of the Murdoch family's 21st Century Fox in a $52.4 billion deal, including film and television studios, cable, and international TV businesses as it... More »

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