Romeo and Juliet

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2 Babies and a Shakespearean Coincidence in a SC Hospital

Meet Romeo and Juliet, born hours apart in the same medical center

(Newser) - A diaper by any other name would not smell as sweet to two "star-crossed" babies born earlier this week in a South Carolina hospital. CBS News reports on the birth of little Romeo Hernandez on Sunday at Coastal Carolina Hospital, and as the hospital's newborn photographer, Cassie Clayshulte,... More »

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Now Open to Same-Sex Couples

Italian landmark can now be used for same-sex civil unions

(Newser) - One of Italy's most popular spots for lovers—the balcony in Verona where Romeo supposedly pitched woo at Juliet—will soon be available to all couples, the Guardian reports. The Verona city council announced this week that all municipal venues used for heterosexual wedding ceremonies must also be available... More »

Where4 Art Thou @Romeo?

Royal Shakespeare Company performs tragedy on Twitter

(Newser) - Four hundred-plus years after the first production of Romeo and Juliet, the star-cross'd lovers are playing out their tragic tale in a new medium: Twitter. The Royal Shakespeare Compan's production of Such Tweet Sorrow will play out in real time over the next 5 weeks, with six actors improvising as... More »

Sassy Gay Friend: Offensive or Hilarious?

The stereotypes are over the top—but he's empowering women!

(Newser) - Sassy Gay Friend is saving the lives of “unreasonably weepy” Shakespearean gals all over YouTube (quite literally: the videos have him counseling Opehlia, Juliet, and Desdemona)—but is he a smart satire or just plain offensive? He dispenses advice as a “very crappy dance beat” plays in the... More »

Verona Wants You to Wed Romeo and Juliet Style

(Newser) - Verona, Italy, the scene for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is making a bid to become a “wedding capital,” ANSA reports. Packages include an exchange of vows on the Juliet Balcony, thought by some to be the locale for her famous “Romeo, Romeo” speech. It won’t... More »

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