bomb scare

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Wife's Attempt to Keep Tabs on Her Man Ends Poorly

Well, that did not go well, did it?

(Newser) - It wasn't a bomb, but a GPS tracker planted by a suspicious wife kind of blew up: A retired military member called police in Leeds, UK, Tuesday when he noticed what he considered to be a "viable device" in his vehicle. Fearing he was a target of terrorists,... More »

Bomb Threat Clears White House Press Room

Evacuation lasted about a half-hour

(Newser) - A strange and scary moment for members of the White House press corps today: Secret Service hustled everybody out of Josh Earnest's live daily briefing this afternoon after someone phoned in a bomb threat, reports CNN . Reporters were allowed back in after the all-clear came about 30 minutes later.... More »

Harvard Student Caused Bomb Scare to Dodge Exam

He now has no hope of dodging prison

(Newser) - Calling in a bomb threat is a really, really bad way to try to get out of your final exams, a Harvard student has discovered. The FBI says Eldo Kim, 20, has confessed to sending an email warning of "shrapnel bombs" on campus, forcing the evacuation of four buildings... More »

Harvard Reopens Buildings After Bomb Scare

An email tip apparently triggered evacuations

(Newser) - Harvard University has reopened four buildings on campus after evacuating them this morning due to a bomb scare, the Harvard Crimson reports. Sever Hall, Thayer Hall, and Emerson Hall were all cleared in time for afternoon exams, and Harvard Yard was reopened before 2pm. An email tip prompted the threat,... More »

Man's Prank on Sister Snarls Traffic for Hours

Brother pretends there are explosives in sister's car

(Newser) - A man's prank call to his sister resulted in the closure of an interstate highway in California yesterday. During the afternoon, the man called up his sister anonymously to warn her that there was a bomb in her car, 10News reports. She pulled over on I-15 and called 911,... More »

Princeton Evacuates Over Bomb Threat

But most students aren't on campus anyway

(Newser) - Princeton University has evacuated, citing "a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings." In a 10:26am post on the school website , the Office of Communications told staffers and students not to "return to campus for any reason until advised otherwise." In follow-up Twitter posts, the... More »

Grand Central Station Hit By Bomb Scare

Trains skip station during brief investigation

(Newser) - Most New Yorkers were probably at home watching the Oscars, but those out and about might have noticed a hiccup in the MTA last night. Trains started skipping Grand Central Station last night, and the Times Square Shuttle was shut down over a bomb scare, DNAinfo reports. At 9:40,... More »

Amsterdam Airport Closed by Bomb—From WWII

Schiphol also deals with a false hijacking report

(Newser) - It's been a relatively crazy day at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which has had to deal with a bomb threat—straight out of World War II—and a hijacking ... that apparently never happened.
  • Terminal C and part of Terminal D were shuttered today after construction workers found something unusual
... More »

No Bomb Found After Emergency Landing

Anonymous call warned of explosives on Aeroflot flight

(Newser) - A bomb threat forced an Aeroflot flight carrying 256 passengers from New York to Moscow to make an emergency landing in Iceland early this morning, reports the BBC , but no bomb was ultimately found aboard the plane. An anonymous call to law enforcement agencies in the US warned that explosives... More »

British Terror Scare Caused by ... E-Cig

Highway shut down over mystery vapor from bag inside bus

(Newser) - British troops, police, bomb squads, and firefighters rushed to the scene of a feared terrorist attack—only to learn that the culprit was an electronic cigarette. A highway was closed for more than four hours over reports that a Megabus passenger's bag was emitting "vapor," the BBC... More »

World Financial Center Evacuated for Toy Grenade

Building is across the street from the World Trade Center

(Newser) - The World Financial Center tower was evacuated today, over something that was at least kinda designed to look explosive. A private security guard noticed something that looked suspiciously like a grenade while X-raying a package that had come in by mail, and cleared the entire 44-story building, police tell NBC... More »

Pitt Hit With 57 Bomb Threats in 2 Months

University implements stringent security measures in response

(Newser) - Visit the University of Pittsburgh today, and you're going to spend a lot of time standing in lines. The school has implemented new regulations requiring every student and staff member to both show ID and have their bags searched before entering any campus building, the New York Times reports.... More »

Science Project Fuels Airport Bomb Scare

11 briefly detained over college student's robot

(Newser) - A college student's science project prompted a panic at Dallas Love Field airport yesterday, with authorities evacuating hundreds of people and detaining 11 passengers. As college students and their professor exited a Southwest Airlines plane that had flown in from Kansas City, one left a "robotic device" on... More »

Pilot Sparks Panic With 'Mom on Board' Greeting

Southwest passengers heard 'bomb'

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines pilot gave passengers a scare when he issued a birthday greeting to the mother of an air traffic controller. Passengers panicked after hearing "mom on board" as "bomb on board," the New York Daily News reports. Airline staff rushed to reassure passengers and the... More »

Bomb Squad Blows Up Briefcases at Boehner's Office

Suspicious briefcases turn out to be harmless

(Newser) - A bomb squad was called to John Boehner’s office in Ohio yesterday to deal with some suspicious briefcases left lying in the doorway. The cases all bore what appeared to be angry messages containing the words “jobs and oil,” WCPO 9 reports. A bomb squad robot “... More »

Writer Leaves Script for Agent—and Cops Blow It Up

Writer left briefcase at talent agency

(Newser) - Rejections are a fact of life for aspiring screenwriters. Rejections involving explosives, not so much. Beverly Hills cops blew up a briefcase containing a writer's script after a talent agent refused to read it, AP reports. The writer, who had been pestering the agency to read his script, left... More »

'Bomb' Attached to Australia Girl a 'Very Elaborate Hoax'

Madeleine Pulver is 'uncomfortable' but OK

(Newser) - A device, thought to be a bomb, attached to an Australian teen for 10 hours yesterday was actually "a very, very elaborate hoax," police say. A masked man affixed the device to Madeleine Pulver, 18, with "a chain or something similar," says an officer, which took... More »

Man With Suspicious Bag Detained in Pentagon Scare

Suspect in Arlington National Cemetery reportedly had al-Qaeda literature

(Newser) - Roads around the Pentagon were closed today after police detained a man in Arlington National Cemetery and found his car in bushes near the Pentagon. Park police stopped the man overnight because the cemetery was closed, and found that he was carrying what was believed at the time to be... More »

Fake Bomb in Cake Box Sneaked Onto UPS Flight

Cargo 'bomb' in cake box went undetected on way to Turkey

(Newser) - British authorities are investigating how a fake bomb hidden in a wedding cake box was able to make it from the UK to Turkey without being detected. The package, containing a timer, wires, and a detonator, traveled on a UPS flight to Istanbul, reports the BBC . A 26-year-old man has... More »

Bomb Squad Sent to Defuse Sex Toy

Russian cops find vibrator in 'suspect package'

(Newser) - Russia has been tense since the Moscow airport bombing earlier this year, but a bomb squad in Petrozavodsk got something to laugh about yesterday. The city's main postal building was evacuated and surrounded by security forces after a worker reported a suspicious package with a ticking noise. The bomb squad... More »

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