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Putin Makes First Visit to Newly Annexed Crimea

Russia marks 'Victory Day' with huge celebration

(Newser) - With Ukraine in crisis and Russia's other neighbors edgy, what better time for a colossal display of Moscow's military force? The Victory Day parade is held on May 9 every year to mark the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany, but this year's event in Moscow's Red... More »

Protester Nails His Testicles to Red Square

Pyotr Pavlensky makes a painful statement about Russian apathy

(Newser) - Never let it be said that Pyotr Pavlensky isn't committed to his work. The 29-year-old Russian artist stripped naked and then nailed his scrotum to the cobblestone of Moscow's Red Square yesterday afternoon, just outside of the Lenin Mausoleum, the BBC reports. He sat that way for an... More »

Putin Lights Olympic Flame, Wind Blows It Out

Ceremonial lighting doesn't exactly go off without a hitch

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin might be capable of herculean feats , but keeping the Olympic flame lit proved a little vexing today in Moscow. "Today is a joyous and momentous day," he said at the Red Square lighting ceremony for the Sochi Games, as per the BBC . "The Olympic flame—... More »

1988: Reagan, Right; Putin, Left

(Newser) - It’s 1988. President Ronald Reagan is making a visit to the Soviet Union, where he tours Moscow’s Red Square alongside Mikhail Gorbachev. He stops and takes questions from a group of tourists about human rights in the United States. Except they’re not tourists, Radio Free Europe reports.... More »

4 Stories