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Titanic's 'Last Letter' Going Up for Auction

Letter was written on day before ship sank, never sent

(Newser) - On the afternoon of Sunday, April 14, 1912, Esther Hart wrote a letter to her mother back in London. In it, she described being too sick to eat the day prior, but having felt better and attending a church service that morning—on board the RMS Titanic, which sunk early... More »

'Unseen' John Lennon Letter Rants About Pee Incident

Music legend sells out his two pals for urinating in studio

(Newser) - It was a letter dubbed "A Matter of Pee." In it, an irritated John Lennon wrote to producer Phil Spector that it was Who drummer Keith Moon—a hell-raiser with a thing for blowing up toilets and TVs—and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson who urinated on a recording console... More »

Attic Find: 'One-of-a-Kind' 1775 Revolution Letter

A Continental Congress plea to the British people for reconciliation

(Newser) - A "one-of-a-kind document" James Madison once raved about has been discovered in the attic of George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Emilie Gruchow of Manhattan's Morris-Jumel Mansion stumbled upon the yellowed, 12-page plea from the Continental Congress to the British people for reconciliation last summer in... More »

Olympic Medal That Enraged Hitler Up for Auction

Jesse Owens' only surviving 1936 gold hits the block

(Newser) - A precious piece of sports history—and history itself—is hitting the auction block: the only known original Jesse Owens gold medal. It's unclear which of Owens' four 1936 Olympic wins the medal is attached to, and the whereabouts of the other three are unknown. But it's the... More »

First American Book Now World's Most Expensive

Bay Psalm Book sold for record $14M

(Newser) - The first book ever printed in what became the USA is now the world's most expensive printed book. One of 11 surviving copies of the Bay Psalm Book has sold at auction for just over $14 million—below Sotheby's pre-sale estimate $15 million to $30 million but still... More »

Fans Pay Ridiculous Prices for Oprah's Stuff

Auction makes more than $600K for charity

(Newser) - Here's how much people love Oprah Winfrey: A bunch of her stuff was auctioned off Saturday, and some of the selling prices got pretty crazy. A print of a TV Guide cover featuring the talk show host was estimated to go for $400 at most; it sold for $3,... More »

For Sale: Ring That's Part of JFK Assassination Story

It's Lee Harvey Oswald's, and he left it with his wife on morning of shooting

(Newser) - On Nov. 21, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald surprised his estranged wife, Marina, in Irving, Texas, where she and their children were living with a friend. He wanted her to come back to Dallas and live with him, but she said no. The next morning, he left her almost all the... More »

Titanic Violin Fetches 3 Times More Than Expected

Goes for nearly $1.5M at auction

(Newser) - A violin believed to have belonged to the bandleader on the Titanic, who famously went down with the ship, was already expected to fetch a record price at auction: almost $500,000 , which would have made it the most expensive piece of Titanic memorabilia ever sold. Well, it hit that... More »

For Sale: Bandleader's Violin ... That Went Down With Titanic

Expected to fetch almost half a million

(Newser) - If you have a good chunk of change to spare, you may be able to snatch up a piece of Titanic history tomorrow—perhaps even play a tune on it. A water-damaged violin believed to have belonged to the historic ship's bandleader will hit the auction block, and it... More »

Teen Buys WikiLeaks Server for $33K—of Dad's Money

Needless to say, his dad called that off pretty quickly

(Newser) - Hoping to raise money for charity, Swedish ISP Bahnhof decided to put the now-wiped server that hosted WikiLeaks—and secret Iraq War documents—in 2010 and 2011 up for sale on eBay . Yesterday's winning bid on the Dell Poweredge R410, "complete with hard drives, motherboard and everything,"... More »

Missing Nazi File Surfaces, Answers Questions

Sheds new light on Rudolf Hess' ill-fated UK peace mission

(Newser) - A dossier containing documents believed to have been drawn up by Nazi Germany's Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess while in captivity in the UK has resurfaced at a Maryland auction house . The 300-page file, marked "Most Secret," helps settle some long-held mysteries about "the Third Reich's... More »

Man Pays for Wedding ... With Spider-Man Comic

Bought it for 12 cents, sold it for almost $8K

(Newser) - Richard Schaen, 69, was worried about how to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding. Then his spidey senses started tingling. Schaen unearthed his old comic book collection, which had been gathering dust in his Ohio home. Inside, he discovered a copy of Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, which he had... More »

Boston Woman Pays $560K for 2 Parking Spots

And in SF, one sells for $82K

(Newser) - Parking is such a precious commodity in Boston that one woman was willing to pay $560,000 for two off-street spaces near her home. Lisa Blumenthal won the spots in the city's Back Bay neighborhood during an on-site IRS auction yesterday. The IRS had seized the spots from a... More »

All Hail the World's Priciest Carpet

17th-century Persian rug sells for $33.7M at auction

(Newser) - Please remember to wipe your feet: A Persian rug from the early 17th century has sold for $33.7 million in New York City. Sotheby's auction house says yesterday's price for the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet was more than three times the previous auction record for a carpet. It... More »

Banksy Graffiti Taken Off Wall, Sold For $1.1M

Critics say 'Slave Labour' belongs to the community

(Newser) - A Banksy mural taken from a wall in north London was sold for over $1.1 million at a private auction last night. The piece, "Slave Labour," of a young boy sewing Union Jack flags, was sprayed onto the side of a store in 2012. It was removed... More »

Kipling Letter: I Stole Parts of Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling letter set for auction

(Newser) - A letter from 1895 is raising new questions about the tales of Mowgli and friends. Jungle Book author Rudyard Kipling wrote to an unknown recipient regarding the Law of the Jungle, a portion of the book: "A little of it is bodily taken from (Southern) Eskimo rules for the... More »

Guy Finds $100K Comic in Wall of Old House

Action Comics #1 up for auction

(Newser) - David Gonzalez bought an abandoned home in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, for about $10,000, planning to remodel it. But he ended up getting more than he bargained for—more than 10 times more, it seems. In the walls of the house, amid the newspapers used as insulation, Gonzalez found a... More »

Gandhi Blood on Auction Block

Hitler memorabilia offered at same sale

(Newser) - A few drops of Mahatma Gandhi's blood are among the oddest items on sale at an auction of historical goods in London today, Reuters reports. The blood samples, taken when the Indian nationalist leader was recovering from an appendectomy in 1924, are expected to fetch around $20,000. Gandhi... More »

You Can Now Own Your Very Own Air Force One

Former presidential plane goes under the hammer

(Newser) - If you've ever dreamed of re-enacting scenes from the 1997 Harrison Ford action-thriller Air Force One in real life (and haven't we all? "Get off my plane!"), your time has come. The government is auctioning off a plane that was formerly part of the presidential... More »

Cup of Coffee With Tim Cook: Just $180K

Charity site auctions chance to chat with Apple CEO

(Newser) - Would you spend $180,000 for a half-hour with Tim Cook? If so, you're not alone: That's how high the auction price stands for coffee with the Apple CEO. The site charitybuzz is auctioning off the coffee date of 30- to 60-minutes to benefit the RFK Center for... More »

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