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'Ring of Fire' Volcano Births New Island

But it's likely to have a short life span

(Newser) - Mother Earth has given birth to new land. An island has formed in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where a volcano has been erupting since Dec. 20. Tonga's Ministry of Lands, Survey, and Natural Resources tells the Weather Network the volcano is erupting from two vents. One is spewing... More »

Ecuador Volcano Erupts

Tungurahua spews huge column of ash

(Newser) - Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano has spewed a 6-mile column of ash after a powerful, five-minute explosion. Ecuador's geophysics institute said yesterday's blast occurred at 6:10pm local time and was followed by a second, four-minute explosion and five lesser tremors. The 16,480-foot volcano, which lies in the... More »

New Island Isn't Disappearing— It's Growing

And it gets a name: Niijima

(Newser) - An island that sprouted out of the Pacific thanks to an undersea volcanic eruption some 600 miles south of Tokyo last month might just be here to stay. Scientists initially guessed the new island would soon sink below the surface— Pakistan's newest island is doing just that—but satellite... More »

Volcano Spawns New Island

Japan welcomes tiny new territory

(Newser) - An undersea volcanic eruption has given Japan a tiny patch of new territory—but the country is going to wait and see whether the sea swallows it before it names the new island. The island was born in a huge eruption of exploding rocks and smoke that reached one-third of... More »

Powerful Quake Hits Eastern Indonesia

6.3-magnitude shock strikes undersea; no casualty reports yet

(Newser) - A strong undersea earthquake has hit parts of eastern Indonesia, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. The US Geological Survey says today's 6.3-magnitude quake struck at a depth of 21 miles. It said it was 86 miles southeast of Ambon, the provincial capital of... More »

'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Wows

'Ants look up from anthill,' notes one observer

(Newser) - The rare "ring of fire" annular solar eclipse did not disappoint. Millions of watchers from Tokyo to San Francisco and Albuquerque stood transfixed before homemade pinhole boxes, telescope projections, live action on computers—or peered at the sky with special cardboard glasses as the moon moved into position to... More »

Biggest Blast Yet Rocks Indonesia Volcano

(Newser) - A volatile volcano in central Indonesia unleashed its most powerful eruption yet today, spewing hot ash and smoke thousands of feet into the air and sending panicked villagers racing back to emergency shelters. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Mount Lokon, located on northern Sulawesi island, has been dormant... More »

Indonesia Quake Triggers Brief Tsunami Warning

No reports of damage yet from 6.7-magnitude temblor

(Newser) - A strong earthquake hit off Indonesia's main island of Java Monday, prompting authorities to briefly issue a tsunami warning and sending thousands of residents fleeing their homes in panic. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the 6.7-magnitude quake, which struck shortly after 3am local time.... More »

Earthquake Prediction: California Is Next

And hit to San Andreas or Cascadia faults could be even 'scarier'

(Newser) - Is what happened in Japan set to repeat itself in California? Author Simon Winchester thinks so. In an article for Newsweek that’s turning some heads , Winchester notes that though scientists aren’t sure why, major earthquakes have a tendency to happen in clusters, with a quake on one side... More »

Undersea Volcano Erupts in Pacific 'Ring of Fire'

It's not yet a threat to islanders, animal life

(Newser) - Scientists sailed today to inspect an undersea volcano that has been erupting for days near Tonga—shooting smoke, steam, and ash thousands of feet into the sky above the South Pacific ocean. The eruption doesn't pose any danger to islanders at this stage, authorities say, and there have been no... More »

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