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6th-Grader's Fish Project Blows Away Scientists

She says experts were making a silly assumption

(Newser) - Sometimes it takes a kid to truly think outside the box. Such is the case of 12-year-old science fair entrant Lauren Arrington, who decided to investigate lionfish, which the Florida native had observed up close while snorkeling and fishing in the ocean. "Scientists were doing plenty of tests on... More »

Science Project Fuels Airport Bomb Scare

11 briefly detained over college student's robot

(Newser) - A college student's science project prompted a panic at Dallas Love Field airport yesterday, with authorities evacuating hundreds of people and detaining 11 passengers. As college students and their professor exited a Southwest Airlines plane that had flown in from Kansas City, one left a "robotic device" on... More »

At Last, Collider Gets Atoms Smashing

First proton beams collide in huge contraption

(Newser) - For the first time, the world’s largest, most expensive science experiment worked as it was supposed to today, with the Large Hadron Collider sending beams of protons smashing into each other—as envisioned when it first opened in 2008. The 17-mile track underneath the French-Swiss Alps has seen more... More »

Spanish Teens + $82 Balloon = Stunning Space Pics

(Newser) - A group of Spanish high-school students has successfully sent a balloon and camera package 20 miles above the surface of the Earth, scoring stunning pictures of space, the Telegraph reports—and on a budget of about $82. “We were overwhelmed at our results, especially the photographs,” the team’... More »

4 Stories