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Dating Site Brings in DNA Matchmaking

'There is a science behind attraction,' SingldOut says

(Newser) - Spitting in a test tube could be the first step toward finding true love, according to a new online dating business that says it is the first to offer DNA-based matchmaking. analyzes the saliva samples members send in for genes that influence how people respond to emotions and... More »

Male Brains Take 'Milliseconds' to Choose a Mate

Women concentrate harder, deliberate more

(Newser) - Men take only milliseconds to determine a woman's mating compatibility, but for women it's a more complex process, according to a new study. Male genetic programming is responsible for this almost instantaneous decision-making, Dutch researchers say. In testing gender biases, groups were assigned tasks while shown photos of the opposite... More »

Female Finches 'Pick' Sex of Chicks

(Newser) - The female Gouldian finch can control the sex of her egg to produce the strongest possible offspring, the BBC reports. The species comes in two head colors, red and black, and same-color mates are more compatible. If a female finds herself with a different color mate, her offspring will be... More »

3 Stories