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Amid Storm, Camper Killed at Yosemite

Fierce winds, heavy snow may be to blame for bringing tree down that killed woman

(Newser) - A camper at Yosemite National Park left his site with his wife Sunday morning to fetch coffee, but when they tried to return to their tent, they were met with the sight of an ambulance, a firetruck, and park rangers who wouldn't let them back into the area. The... More »

New Effect of Climate Change: Bumpy Flights

North Atlantic winds are getting worse, study says

(Newser) - Already annoyed by airplane turbulence and flashing seat-belt signs? Those bumpy rides will get significantly worse over the North Atlantic in years to come, according to a new study. A British research team has found that climate change will probably intensify North Atlantic winds that were already growing stronger. That... More »

Oil Workers Flee; Tropical Storm Brewing in Gulf

Florida could see storm warnings, localized flooding

(Newser) - High winds are whipping up a 90%-chance tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico today and causing oil companies to evacuate rig workers, MSNBC reports. If Tropical Storm Debby does form, the northern Gulf Coast may see tropical storm warnings, and localized flooding and heavy rain could strike Mexico, Cuba,... More »

101mph Winds Rattle Scotland

But it was a cherry Christmas elsewhere in UK

(Newser) - It was a very airy Christmas in Scotland yesterday as winds topping 101 mph rattled the Shetland Islands. "Scotland's weather is notoriously unpredictable," the local transport minister noted in a display of understatement. A warning was issued to all travelers to take extra care. The rest of... More »

25-Foot Waves Pound Chicago

Propelled by winds of up to 60 miles per hour

(Newser) - If you live in Chicago, today is probably a bad day to go sailing. For the second straight day, Lake Michigan is being bombarded by winds gusting at up to 60mph, which are conjuring up waves up to 25 feet high. Wipeout conditions and some low-level flooding are expected along... More »

Chicagoans Ignore Gale-Force Winds

Some residents ignore barriers along Lake Shore Drive

(Newser) - High winds whipped up waves as big as 16 feet today and temporarily knocked out power for some 32,000 Chicagoans, the Chicago Tribune reports. Only 2,200 lacked power later on, but gale warnings are in effect until 10pm, and authorities have raised barricades along Lake Shore Drive to... More »

Possible Culprit in Stage Disaster: 'Gustnado'

Swirling wind ahead of thunderstorm might be to blame

(Newser) - As Indiana officials investigate safety protocol in the wake of the state fair stage disaster that killed five , meteorologists are debating whether an obscure phenomenon known as a "gustnado" is to blame. A gustnado is a "brief wind that swirls on the leading edge of a severe thunderstorm,... More »

'Chiclone' Rips Midwest

Violent winds leave tens of thousands without power

(Newser) - A storm drawing comparisons to a hurricane muscled across the Midwest today, snapping trees and power lines and delaying flights at Chicago's O'Hare. The storm—quickly nicknamed a "chiclone" and "windpocalypse"—swept an area that stretched from the Dakotas to the eastern Great Lakes. Severe thunderstorm warnings... More »

Hurricane Alex Slams Mexico

Storm spawns Texas tornadoes

(Newser) - Hurricane Alex has hit northeastern Mexico, walloping the nation's Gulf coast with winds up to 100 miles per hour and spawning tornadoes in Texas. Thousands of people have been evacuated on both sides of the border, AP reports. The storm is weakening as it moves inland, but authorities warn that... More »

Rain, Wind Wallop Snow-Weary Mid-Atlantic

Hundreds of thousands without power after powerful Northeaster

(Newser) - Last month, the Northeast was smothered by blizzards. Now, it's waterlogged by torrential rains. The region mopped up today following a weekend storm complete with high wind and heavy rains that uprooted trees, downed power lines, and flooded some creeks and rivers. Five people died in storm-related accidents, and hundreds... More »

Tropical Storm Claudette Soaks Fla. Panhandle

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Claudette lashed the Florida Panhandle with heavy rain today and is expected to make landfall by midnight, the Pensacola News Journal reports. Moving northwest at 14 mph with maximum winds near 50 mph, the storm will likely land between Panama City and Destin. Authorities have put the area... More »

Thousands of Calif. Fire Evacuees to Head Home

(Newser) - Thanks to cooler, more humid weather and a drop-off in damaging winds, thousands of Santa Barbara wildfire evacuees are being allowed back home, the Los Angeles Times reports. Firefighters fought back the fire significantly last night, containing the 8,700-acre Jesusita blaze in Santa Barbara by 30%. Most of the... More »

Outlook Grim for Calif. Fire as Winds Continue

(Newser) - Poor firefighting conditions today—following a windy night—have allowed the Santa Barbara, Calif., wildfire to grow, and it has now consumed 3,500 acres and 75 homes, KNBC-TV reports. The fire, which has forced 30,000 people to flee their homes, is just 10% contained. Winds today are expected... More »

Tokyo Accident Latest for Much-Derided Plane

(Newser) - A notoriously finicky airplane may have contributed to the Tokyo crash that killed two American FedEx pilots today, the Wall Street Journal reports. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is believed to handle poorly in high winds, which were reported at the time of the crash. Though problems with the flight-control systems... More »

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