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Sometimes Nature Is Beautiful. This Isn't One of Those Times

Beetle spews chemicals from butt to get toads to puke

(Newser) - Planet Earth has been holding out on us. Apparently, there's a beetle that escapes certain death in the belly of a toad by shooting a toxic, 212-degree chemical mix from its butt, causing the toad to vomit, Gizmodo reports. This stunning example of nature's grossness comes courtesy of... More »

Thousands of Endangered Tadpoles Fly to Puerto Rico

Crested toad is on the comeback trail

(Newser) - More than 4,000 wiggling tadpoles conceived via wine fridges in California and then packed in a passenger plane headed to Puerto Rico this week as part of a program to re-establish a technicolor native toad once thought extinct. Since 2014, the Oakland Zoo has taken part in a campaign... More »

Early Stonehenge Menu: Roasted Toad

Archeologists find clues about diet in earlier site about a mile away

(Newser) - Frog legs may be a delicacy in France, but early Brits apparently came up with the idea first: An archeological dig about a mile from Stonehenge has turned up a cooked leg bone from a toad, reports the AP . "We ate frogs legs before the French," trumpets the... More »

Toad-Kissing Chef Fined

Inspectors not charmed by chef's toad-licking video

(Newser) - There's no place for toad kissing in restaurant kitchens, health inspectors warned an Iowa chef. The man was fined $335 after inspectors saw a video of him licking and kissing two small toads before putting them in his mouth, then placing them on a prep table, the AP reports. The... More »

Toads Can Predict Earthquakes

Pick up on pre-seismic cues days ahead of quake

(Newser) - Three days before a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck L'Aquila, Italy, last year, nearby toads left their breeding colony, not to return until several days after the quake. That's unusual enough behavior that the scientist studying the toads think the amphibians must have detected seismic activity—the first-ever evidence of animals... More »

Aussies Croak Toxic Toads

(Newser) - Aussies killed thousands of "toxic" cane toads today in an annual hunting festival to help reduce their ravenous numbers, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The toads were introduced in 1935 from South American to eat pest beetles, but they now number in the millions and are driving out local... More »

6 Stories