Joint Special Operations Command

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The Bloody Truth About SEAL Team 6

Elite unit is overused, not well supervised, 'NYT' says

(Newser) - T he killing of Osama bin Laden made SEAL Team 6 the stuff of legends, but a New York Times report says the special-ops unit has "transformed … into a global manhunting machine," with troubling claims that the once-elite team is now being overused for day-to-day death missions,... More »

US Soups Up Kill List, Digs In for 10-Year Drone War

Obama intent on making it a permanent feature of US policy

(Newser) - If you thought President Obama's " kill list " was a simple, shopping list-style affair, think again. The military has spent the past two years developing what it calls a "disposition matrix," a complex database keeping tabs on targets and plans to eliminate them, the Washington Post... More »

Military Says bin Laden Book 'Just Not True'

Author Pfarrer counters that he 'has truth on my side'

(Newser) - Chuck Pfarrer’s book SEAL Target Geronimo, which purports to tell the real, hidden story of the Osama bin Laden raid, is blatantly false, military officials tells the AP —so much so that they’re not even bothering to investigate who might have talked with Pfarrer. “It’s... More »

Meet 'America's Secret Army'

JSOC has grown tenfold since 9/11: Washington Post

(Newser) - The super-secret Joint Special Operations Command first came to most people's attention when its members killed Osama bin Laden. The Washington Post provides new details on the group it calls "America's secret army" and its explosive growth in size and importance since 9/11. For one thing, JSOC... More »

Meet the Secret Team That Took Down bin Laden

'National Journal' offers an inside look at the JSOC

(Newser) - An elite Navy SEALs team is credited with taking down Osama bin Laden, and in the National Journal , Marc Ambinder offers a look inside the "highly mythologized" SEAL Team Six and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to which it belongs. SEAL Team Six, officially known as the Naval... More »

McChrystal Reins In Special Ops to Cut Casualties

Some units weren't making saving Afghan lives high priority

(Newser) - Worried about civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal has decided to bring Special Operations forces under his direct control. The top American commander is said to have been concerned that some units weren't following his orders to make cutting civilian casualties top priority. “These special forces were not... More »

US Playing Major Role in Yemen Strikes

Military teams offer intelligence, tactics against al-Qaeda

(Newser) - American military teams have been secretly assisting Yemeni troops as the nation steps up its campaign against al-Qaeda. The teams, which include dozens of troops from Joint Special Operations Command, haven't been taking part in the strikes that have killed scores of suspected terrorists but have been involved in planning... More »

Blackwater Waging 'Secret War' in Pakistan

Mercenaries doing CIA dirty work, plotting killings

(Newser) - An elite team of Blackwater operatives have been doing the CIA's dirty work in Pakistan, a Nation investigation finds. The team plans operations, including "snatch-and-grab" assassinations and drone strikes from a secret base in Karachi run by US Joint Special Operations Command, according to a senior source with direct... More »

New Afghanistan Commander Is Warrior-Scholar

Workaholic McChrystal has shadowy past, links to spy agencies

(Newser) - Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the designated new American commander in Afghanistan, has a reputation for hard work and self-denial: He sleeps for just a few hours and eats only one meal a day. Colleagues describe McChrystal, the current director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as an ideal combination of... More »

Cheney Ran Secret Hit Squad: Hersh

(Newser) - The Bush administration ran a secret team authorized to assassinate foreign targets without being accountable to Congress, says New Yorker reporter Seymour Hersh. On CNN's Situation Room, he said the hit squad could go "into a country without telling the CIA station chief or the ambassador and whack someone.... More »

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