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P-Funk's Keyboard Wizard Bernie Worrell Dies

He was to the Moog what Hendrix was to the guitar

(Newser) - Bernie Worrell, the ingenious "Wizard of Woo" whose amazing array of keyboard sounds and textures helped define the Parliament-Funkadelic musical empire and influenced performers of funk, rock, hip-hop, and other genres, has died. Worrell, who announced early this year that he had Stage 4 lung cancer, died Friday at... More »

'Godfather of Go-Go' Chuck Brown Dead at 75

DC's funk pioneer is gone

(Newser) - Chuck Brown, who created the "go-go" genre of funk in DC in the 1970s and remained a mainstay of black Washington's culture ever since, has died at age 75, reports the Washington Post . A snippet from the paper's obituary, by Chris Richards:
  • "Like a DJ blending
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War Sues Pepsi for Stealing Song

'Why Can't We Be Friends' band seeking $10M in damages

(Newser) - Seventies funk sensation War won't be giving Pepsi any peace until a copyright lawsuit is settled. The band claims Pepsi used its signature song—"Why Can't We Be Friends?"—in a Pepsi Max ad, reports TMZ . War is seeking $10 million in damages, according to a suit filed... More »

Earth, Wind & Fire Flower Again in Obama's America

White House concert helps revive popularity

(Newser) - Earth, Wind & Fire is back on top again in its 40th year, playing stadiums for the first time in a quarter-century. And their resurgent success, the band tells Newsweek, is based on a mixture of '60s idealism and the good favor of the president. Barack Obama has always been... More »

Lotusflow3r Not Quite Full Bloom for Prince

(Newser) - Prince’s new album, Lotusflow3r, is actually three separate discs: two by the Purple One and one by his protégé, Bria Valente, all for sale exclusively at Target for $11.98. And depending on who you ask, that’s a good deal—or not.
  • Jody Rosen is thrilled by
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