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New Hygiene Ad: 'WikiLeaks, Butterfly Doesn't'

Pakistani agency makes a viral splash with topical ad

(Newser) - Images of a new sanitary pad billboard have been flying around the Internet, with bloggers smirking at its topical slogan. “WikiLeaks,” it reads, “Butterfly Doesn’t.” It’s the type of edgy, funny campaign you’d expect out of Madison Avenue, but the ad is actually... More »

MadTV Mocked Apple's iPad 4 Years Ago

2006 sketch parodied what new Apple tablet sounds like it is

(Newser) - Looks like the yucksters at MadTV have Steve Jobs beat by four years when coming up with dubious names for tablet computers. Thing is, when the comedians made a jokey iPad sketch, their gadget was actually what Apple’s new toy sort of sounds like: a feminine hygiene product. Complete... More »

2 Stories