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Broadway Audiences Berated for Bad Acting

Veteran theatergoers say manners are vanishing faster than ever

(Newser) - Boorish audience members have been around for longer than Shakespeare's plays but veteran theatergoers say bad behavior is definitely on the rise, the Wall Street Journal reports. Audience members have been spotted passing around buckets of chicken, putting their smelly bare feet on the seats in front of them, and... More »

Decades Later, Hair Still Swings

Critics love 'exuberant' revival

(Newser) - Bursting with energy, the Broadway revival of Hair, recently moved indoors from Central Park, has wowed critics—though there are a few gripes. What they had to say:
  • Hair, for all its references to hippies, Vietnam, free love and the revolution, feels utterly of the moment in its exuberance,
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2 Stories