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Aruba Resort Pays Guests to Make Babies

Resort's $300 'conception credit' inspired by coral reproduction, naturally

(Newser) - Getting knocked up really pays off, at least at one Westin resort in Aruba, USA Today reports. In honor of coral's spawning season, couples who shell out $399 for a daily package are eligible for a $300 “conception credit” toward their next vacation—if they conceive during their stay.... More »

Wedding Guest Lists Shrink Along With Budgets


(Newser) - With the economy slicing through earnings and savings, dream weddings are colliding with financial realities—resulting in trims to the guest list, and thorny problems choosing who makes the cut, the Boston Globe reports. The average guest list has shrunk to 139 this year, from 166 in 2007, analysts say;... More »

2 Stories