Maersk Alabama

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Drugs Found Where 2 Died on 'Captain Phillips' Ship

Overdose suspected in deaths of ex-SEALs

(Newser) - Drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in the cabin where two former Navy SEALs were found dead on the ship made famous by a pirate hijacking, police in the Seychelles say. It's not clear what type of drug was involved, and while autopsy results are still pending, there is... More »

Somali Pirate Gets 33 Years in Prison

Federal judge says Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse deserves his harsh sentence

(Newser) - A Somali pirate who kidnapped and brutalized the captain of a US-flagged merchant ship off the coast of Africa in 2009 was sentenced to more than 33 years in prison today by an emotional judge who told him he deserved a stiff punishment for leading a crew of bandits who... More »

Decade's Happiest Endings

Capt. Sully, Elizabeth Smart, even the Red Sox make the cut

(Newser) - This decade has had its fair share of tragedy, but Newsweek collects some of its best happy endings:
  1. The Red Sox in 2004. Many New Englanders lived their entire lives without seeing a Sox championship, making it that much sweeter in '04.
  2. Sully and the Hudson: The calm-under-fire performance of
... More »

Maersk Alabama Repels 2nd Pirate Attack

Attempted takeover repelled by guards

(Newser) - Somali pirates today attacked the Maersk Alabama for the second time in seven months, but guards on board the US-flagged cargo ship repelled the takeover attempt. When pirates attacked with automatic weapons early this morning about 350 nautical miles east of the Somali coast, guards on board the craft fired... More »

Navy Probes SEALs Over Missing Pirate Money

(Newser) - The Navy is questioning the crew of the Maersk Alabama and members of its own SEAL unit about $30,000 that went missing from the hijacked cargo ship, the New York Post reports. The money was taken by the pirates during the hijacking attempt but was not recovered after they... More »

Maersk Captain Calls for Military to Protect Shipping

Freed pirate hostage calls for tougher ships, better armed crews

(Newser) - Military guards or military detachments on board ships are the best way to keep American shipping safe from piracy, Capt. Richard Phillips told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. Phillips, freed by the US Navy after being held hostage by pirates last month, said better-armed crews and tougher vessels would... More »

Pirated Ship's Cook Sues Over Safety Regs

Says Maersk owner refused to arm sailors or provide security

(Newser) - A member of the crew on the US-flagged ship hijacked by African pirates sued the owner and another company today, accusing them of knowingly putting sailors in danger. Richard E. Hicks alleges in the suit that owner Maersk Line Limited and Waterman Steamship Corp., which provided the crew, ignored requests... More »

Maersk's First Mate Rips Limbaugh for Race-Baiting

Ship's second-in-command labels Limbaugh a purveyor of 'hate speech'

(Newser) - The second-in-command who helped thwart a pirate attack on the Maersk Alabama has laid into Rush Limbaugh for playing up the drama's racial aspect. Shane Murphy says Limbaugh, who sneered that a Republican president would have been in hot water for ordering the shooting of "black teenagers on the... More »

Teen Pirate Will Be Tried as Adult; Faces Life in Prison

(Newser) - The sole surviving pirate from an attack on an American cargo ship off the Somali coast will be tried as an adult after he was portrayed today as the brazen ringleader of a band of pirates who shot at the ship's captain and bragged about prior acts of piracy. The... More »

'I'm Not a Hero': Rescued Captain

(Newser) - Shipping captain Richard Phillips is back in his home state, a week and a half after being taken hostage by pirates. The plane carrying Phillips, who was rescued by Navy SEAL snipers, landed in Burlington, Vt., late this afternoon. "I'm not a hero," Phillips, from nearby Underhill,... More »

Captured Pirate to Face Trial in US

Maersk captain on his way back to Vermont

(Newser) - The only surviving pirate from the gang that attacked the Maersk Alabama will be put on trial in New York, authorities tell CBS News. The pirate—identified as Abdulwali Muse, 19—is believed to have been the ringleader. Muse, whose three cohorts were killed by Navy snipers, is likely to... More »

Maersk Crew Comes Home

Seaman who thwarted pirates get hero's welcome back on US soil

(Newser) - The American sailors who thwarted a pirate attack off the coast of Somalia have arrived home to a hero's welcome, reports the AP. Dozens of family members erupted in cheers and applause as the 19 crew members from the Maersk Alabama stepped off a charter flight from Kenya at Andrews... More »

Maersk Crew Returns Home Tomorrow

(Newser) - The shipping captain held hostage by Somali pirates will return to the US with his crew tomorrow. Maersk Line said today that Richard Phillips and the crew of the Maersk Alabama are expected to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland late tomorrow, where they will reunite with loved... More »

Captain Rescued, 3 Pirates Killed

Captain uninjured after brief firefight

(Newser) - The American sea captain held hostage by Somali pirates has been rescued after a brief firefight, with three of his captors killed and one in military custody, CNN reports. US Navy snipers saw a pirate with "an AK-47 leveled at the captain's back" and opened fire, a military... More »

Ship Docks Safely; Navy Foils Pirates Seeking US Captain

FBI joins standoff rescue

(Newser) - The Maersk Alabama and its 19 American crewmembers safely reached a Kenyan port today, but their captain remains in the clutches of Somali pirates, the AP reports. Bandits controlling a German cargo ship and other hijacked vessels ship have been trying to locate the lifeboat holding Capt. Richard Phillips to... More »

Pirates Warn US Raid Would 'Create Disaster'

Somalis plan to transfer Capt. Phillips to bigger boat

(Newser) - Somali pirates holding an American captain hostage in a lifeboat are hoping to transfer him to another pirate ship in the area to thwart rescue efforts like the French commando raid that freed some hostages, but left one dead, along with two pirates, AFP reports. "We are getting information... More »

Hostage Captain 'a Regular Guy' and Ferocious Ball Player

'That swim—it didn’t surprise me at all': friend

(Newser) - The American captain being held by Somali pirates is a regular guy on land and a true professional at sea, his friends and family tell the New York Times.  Richard Phillips is placid and relaxed during his downtime with his wife and their college age-kids at his Vermont home,... More »

Pirates Want $2M Ransom, Threaten to Kill Captain

(Newser) - Somali pirates holding an American ship captain hostage say they want a $2 million ransom and have threatened to kill him, Reuters and the AP report. The ransom demand followed an escape attempt by Richard Phillips, who attempted to swim for safety early this morning. Reports conflict on what happened... More »

Captain Recaptured by Pirates After Swim Escape Attempt

Family say hostage captain's sense of humor could keep him alive

(Newser) - The American captain held hostage by Somali pirates jumped into the ocean last night and tried to swim to a nearby Navy destroyer, but pirates swam after him and pulled him back, CNN reports. He was not believed to be harmed in the attempt, a US official said. The four... More »

As Ship Resumes Sailing, FBI Joins Pirate Negotiations

(Newser) - As FBI hostage negotiators joined the effort to end the standoff with Somali pirates over a captive American captain, the Maersk Alabama got under way today, bound for its original destination, the AP reports. An FBI spokesman said the bureau was “fully engaged” with the Navy in strategizing how... More »

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