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A Bailout Would Be a Disaster for Journalism

Future of journalism depends on paid content

(Newser) - Journalism has a bright future, despite the challenges of the digital age—but that future won't come for free, says Rupert Murdoch. Media companies that give people the news they want will be able to charge for it, he predicts in an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal , and... More »

Changes Afoot for Hollywood Trade Pubs

Variety to charge for online content; THR will move to web

(Newser) - Variety will go back behind a pay wall next year, less than 2 years after tearing down its old one, the Los Angeles Times reports. will be open only to print or online subscribers, just as it was before February 2007. “Everyone thought then that if you... More »

Wired Editor Plagiarizes Wikipedia in New Book

Ironically, Anderson's tome is on free content

(Newser) - The Virginia Quarterly Review has found almost a dozen plagiarized passages in Chris Anderson’s upcoming book Free, a book that, ironically, is all about free content. Most of the passages were cribbed verbatim from Wikipedia, while another was from a professor’s personal website, and yet another from another... More »

Murdoch: I'll Charge for News Sites Within Year

New York Post , London Times may join Journal behind pay wall

(Newser) - If you think you can get your newspaper online for free, you can just think again, says News Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch, who plans to charge for access to his papers' websites "within the next 12 months" in an attempt to fix a "malfunctioning" business model. Murdoch... More »

Google Pay-for-News Scheme Ignores Reality

(Newser) - Google CEO Eric Schmidt's proposed model for online newspapers calls for a cable TV-like approach to subscription content, with tiers like free, basic, and premium. His ideas not only come too late, but they're “deeply flawed,” Douglas A. McIntyre writes for 24/7 Wall Street. And "even if... More »

5 Stories