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The Curse of the Child Star

Haim latest among many 80s teen celebs to meet bad ends

(Newser) - When Corey Haim died of a suspected overdose yesterday, he joined a long line of child stars with tragic adult lives. Eighties TV seems especially cursed: Andrew Koenig from Growing Pains killed himself last month, Diff'rent Strokes' Dana Plato robbed a video store at gunpoint and later ODed on Vicodin,... More »

Celebs Feel Pinch of Recession

Jacko, LiLo among high-profilers with tight finances

(Newser) - We already know the recession has hit celebs like Michael Jackson, forced to auction off his belongings and stage 50 concerts in London to earn cash. But what other stars are feeling the pinch? ABC News reports on a few:
  • Nicolas Cage sold one—yes, just one—of his castles
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2 Stories