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Researchers on Horseback Find Bits of 1765 Shipwreck

Most of the 193 aboard survived the wreck, spent 2 months ashore

(Newser) - In a tale of archaeology with a bit of an Indiana Jones ring to it, researchers have identified new pieces of a 1765 shipwreck off Argentina—while traveling 125 miles of Tierra del Fuego on horseback. IANS reports that the team was on the hunt for pre-Columbian sites on the... More »

Study: Climate Change Killing Penguins

Wetter storms, warmer temperatures taking a toll in Argentina, say researchers

(Newser) - Researchers who have spent nearly 30 years studying a major penguin colony on the coast of Argentina say climate change is taking a real toll on the animals, reports LiveScience . In their study published in PLoS One , the researchers say wetter storms that are particularly deadly for young chicks are... More »

Piranhas Attack 70 in Feeding Frenzy

7 children lost fingers or toes in Argentina

(Newser) - This was a Christmas Day feeding frenzy that didn't involve shrimp cocktail and cookies. Piranhas attacked 70 people in Argentina yesterday, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes. A heat wave has driven temperatures north of 100 degrees, leading hordes of people to attempt to... More »

240M-Year-Old Toilet Found in Argentina

Large mammals pooped there in early Triassic period

(Newser) - Curious about the world's oldest public bathroom? It's in Argentina and it's impressive, covering nearly 3,000 feet and dating back to a time when giant rhino-like creatures roamed the region, the BBC reports. Appropriately, the 240-million-year-old latrine is full of big fossilized feces, some up to... More »

2 New Moms Sent Home With Wrong Babies

Women in Argentina figured it out themselves after 3 weeks

(Newser) - Two new mothers in Argentina would still be caring for the wrong infants if they hadn't acted on their suspicions. As it was, they took home the wrong babies and cared for them for three weeks thanks to a clinic mixup, reports AFP . The women gave birth on Sept.... More »

Argentines Say Agrochemicals Causing Birth Defects, Cancer

In one town, 80% of kids have pesticides in their blood

(Newser) - Argentina is the third-largest soybean producer in the world, and also grows a lot of cotton and corn. Nearly all of it is now genetically modified, since Monsanto convinced farmers to switch to its seeds and chemicals in 1996. But the agrochemicals the country's farmers use to keep up... More »

Surgery Set for Argentina President's Head Injury

Cristina Fernandez's operation will relieve pressure on brain

(Newser) - Argentina President Cristina Fernandez landed back in the hospital today, just after she was put on a month of bed rest for a subdural hematoma, and doctors have scheduled surgery for tomorrow to drain it, reports the BBC . Fernandez apparently suffered a blow to the head in August, but the... More »

Man Rescued in Andes Was Fleeing Child Sex Charges

BBC reports he allegedly abused 8-year-old boy in Chile

(Newser) - The man who survived on raisins and rats while lost in the Andes for four months may not have exactly wanted to be found: It turns out Raul Fernando Gomez Cincunegui got lost while fleeing child sex charges, the BBC reports. The facts are a little mushy: The AP got... More »

Incas Drugged Child-Sacrifice Victims First

Hair samples from 3 mummies show alcohol, cocaine

(Newser) - About the best that can be said about three children killed by the Incas in a sacrifice ritual 500 years ago is that they might not have felt a thing. New analysis of hair samples from the mummies found near the summit of a volcano in Argentina show that they... More »

New Argentine Rule: Welfare Money Goes to Mom, Not Dad

Too many guys were skipping out on family

(Newser) - A new decree by Argentina's female president is designed to help women abandoned by husbands who skip out after fathering a family. From now on, mothers will collect welfare payments instead of fathers. The measure by President Cristina Fernandez is a victory for the Argentine housewives union, underscoring the... More »

Argentina Train Wreck Kills 3

Dozens more injured in accident

(Newser) - A double-decker commuter train collided with a train that had stopped between two stations outside Buenos Aires today, killing at least three people and injuring 150 more, CNN reports. Emergency crews are currently pulling people from the wreckage, with helicopters air-lifting some to area hospitals. A union leader is saying... More »

Argentine Dictator Videla Dies in Prison

Ran one of the bloodiest military governments in South America

(Newser) - Former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, who took power over Argentina in a 1976 coup and led a military junta that killed thousands of his fellow citizens in a dirty war to eliminate so-called "subversives," died quietly in his sleep today while serving life in prison for crimes against... More »

Once-Submerged Town Resurfaces

Argentina village was under water for 25 years

(Newser) - A strange ghost town that spent a quarter-century under water is coming up for air again in the Argentine farmlands southwest of Buenos Aires. Epecuen was once a bustling little lakeside resort, where 1,500 people served 20,000 tourists a season. During Argentina's golden age, the same trains... More »

UK Snubs Argentina at Thatcher Funeral

Cristina Fernandez persona non grata

(Newser) - The latest fallout from the Britain-Argentina Falkland Islands feud : A government source tells Reuters that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is not invited to Margaret Thatcher's funeral next week because Thatcher's family doesn't want her there. Thatcher led Britain during the Falklands war, and "it's about... More »

Pope Calls for Aid as Argentina Floods Kill 52

At least 46 dead in La Plata, 6 in Buenos Aires

(Newser) - Pope Francis is calling for public and church institutions in his native Argentina to step up assistance to the tens of thousands of people left homeless by torrential rains that have killed at least 52 people. Francis sent a telegram today to his newly appointed successor, Buenos Aires Archbishop Mario... More »

Pope Phones Home, Cancels Newspaper

Seems the former cardinal forgot to end his subscription

(Newser) - The guy who started the first day of his papacy by settling his hotel bill is running more errands: This time it was an Argentine newspaper vendor left with his mouth hanging open when someone named "Cardinal Jorge" called up to cancel his longtime subscription, reports the BBC . "... More »

Bergoglio Backed Gay Civil Unions

Compromise offer shocked Argentine bishops

(Newser) - Pope Francis has made some uncompromising statements on issues like gay marriage but he also has a strong pragmatic streak that could hint at changes to come for the Catholic church, the New York Times finds. As the church in Argentina fought to prevent the legalization of gay marriage in... More »

Vatican: There's No Evidence Pope Helped Junta

Allegations from Argentina dog Pope Francis

(Newser) - The Vatican today addressed the whispers that the new pope seemed to get along with Argentina's military dictatorship in the '70s. "There has never been a credible, concrete accusation against him," nor was he ever charged with anything, a Vatican spokesman said today, according to the... More »

Pope's Young Sweetheart Recalls His Love Letter

Amalia Damonte says 12-year-old Bergoglio wanted to marry her

(Newser) - Apparently you can credit Amalia Damonte for Jorge Bergoglio becoming Pope Francis—or perhaps her father, reports the Week . When Bergoglio was just 12, he had a young "romance" with Damonte, writing a letter saying they would be married and drawing a picture of the house they would live... More »

Don't Expect Gay Rights to Advance Under Francis

Richard Socarides: New pope's previous statements are pretty clear

(Newser) - Humble, yes . A champion of social justice and the underprivileged, sure. But Pope Francis is also a strict conservative on church doctrine, which means that even though polls show most Catholics favor gay marriage, the Vatican isn't about to soften its views on homosexuality, writes Richard Socarides at the... More »

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