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Why Hollywood Wants Leno to Fail

Some see new, cheap show as threat to jobs

(Newser) - Tonight marks the premiere of Jay Leno’s new show, and many in Tinseltown—not just rival execs—are hoping it flops, the Los Angeles Times reports. That’s because it substitutes cheap fare for the traditional 10pm drama. Many in the industry see the show as a “potential... More »

Leno's Back: 'Prepare for War'

Comedian's return comes at sensitive time for O'Brien, scripted drama

(Newser) - The premiere of the much-ballyhooed Jay Leno Show tomorrow night could revolutionize network television, thrilling Hollywood publicists and advertisers—or produce a stunning commercial embarrassment for NBC. Either way, "prepare for war," Guy Adams writes in the Independent. Leno’s rather noisy return to American television comes at... More »

New Shows Offer NBC Ray of Hope

Southland , Parks and Recreation lead upturn

(Newser) - After years of poor ratings, NBC may be on the rebound with the help of two new series: cop show Southland and Amy Poehler’s comedy Parks and Recreation. Parks scored only 6.9 million total viewers, but it maintained 88% of The Office’s coveted young-adult audience. Southland topped... More »

3 Stories