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Iran Not Nearly as Crazy as Neocons Claim

Its leaders aren't stupid—and deterrence can work: Greenway

(Newser) - Iran has no nuclear bomb, but already the old Bush-Cheney chorus has returned to insist it's time for another war in the Middle East. It's true that sanctions may not stop Iran from ramping up its nuclear program, but that doesn't mean that deterrence and diplomacy can't help, writes Boston ... More »

UN Pressure Is 'Declaration of War': N. Korea

Outrage over rocket launch makes conflict 'a matter of time'

(Newser) - North Korea will consider pressure from Western nations over its recent rocket launch to be a  "declaration of war," Pyongyang said today. The nation is already increasing its "defense capability including nuclear deterrent in every way" due to US and UN criticism of the launch, which... More »

2 Stories